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McConks windSUP/windsurf/wing surf/wing foil ultimate guide.

Stand up paddle boarding these days isn’t just standing on a board and paddling. Even when SUP’s renaissance came about pre-2010 the versatility of stand up paddling was tangible. Take your SUP into waves, run a river, stick a sail on it or race, to name just a few recognisable disciplines. Fast forward to now and SUP’s become even more versatile. With the introduction of hydrofoils and wing foiling wings SUP is poised to fly. Some SUPs, that you may have classed as windSUP (and still could) are also eligible for that hydrofoil treatment. Suddenly the world of watersports has been brought much closer together with a raft of gear available straddling multiple disciplines.

McConks comes from a windy background (believe it or not) with much time spent windsurfing back in the day. As such we have plenty of experience that feeds directly into windSUP, windsurfing, wing surfing and wing foiling. And that’s why (as much as we want to provide the best experience possible across all weather scenarios) you’ll find a raft of McConks equipment that’s suitable for all areas of windy SUP, if you want to call it that.

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hydrofoil types and their differences.

We appreciate not everyone coming into stand up paddle boarding with have this knowledge, however, which is why we’ve created this resource. The McConks windSUP/windsurf/wing surf/wing foil guide brings together a series of articles, which we’re constantly adding to, that’ll help shed light on the windy end of SUP and hopefully answer a few of your questions. Whether you’re a newbie looking at windSUP or an experienced wing foiler searching for a top shelf wing surf/foil wing here’s where you’ll find all the info in one place.

And if you’re not into windy stuff, we still do SUP too!