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There are three components to our SUP fair price policy:

1. Inflatable SUP best price guarantee

If you can find a better quality paddleboard package, with the same specifications, at a better price, we will refund the difference. We know that we sell at the best price possible, so no-one can sell better inflatable SUP packages at a lower price.

2. No ‘instant sale’ or special offer gimmicks or games

At McConks, we don’t believe in setting artificially high ‘normal’ selling prices. Or advertising inflated Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) and then having frequent sales, or even a permanent sale to pretend that you’re getting a great 30% off deal deal.

Everyone who gets on one of our boards or holds one of our paddles knows what a great deal they’re getting, and knows that they’re buying at the best price – so we don’t need to play those games.

3. No over inflated SUP prices when demand is high, and no deep paddleboard package discounts in the winter

McConks inflatable SUP sale

We don’t overcharge in the spring and summer when demand is high, and when some people are willing to pay a premium to get the latest or the hottest new paddleboards or paddles.  And we don’t have deep discounts in the winter.

We upgrade our SUP boards and paddles gradually and iteratively.  We don’t do new colours or designs every year or pretend that we have massive new technological improvements every year.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t invest in development though.  Unlike most other brands, we continue design and development throughput the year, and we manufacture continuously throughout the year.   We believe that our continuous development, gradual improvement and iterative change approach removes the need to sell ‘last years stock’ at deep discounts to ‘make space for new stock’.

We also think it’s better for the the environment and generates less waste. Because we don’t create demand through seasonal marketing, we don’t try to persuade people to abandon perfectly good and serviceable kit just because it’s last years colours.  So whether you buy your inflatable paddleboard package from us in January, May, August or December, you will always pay the same, fair and honest price.

So you can buy an inflatable SUP package from McConks knowing that you get the very best price for premium paddleboard gear, and that you’re doing your little bit to help change our excessively consumerist society!

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