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  1. Absolutely love this board! So stable and such a pleasure to paddle!

  2. Lovely board

  3. Quality product at affordable price.

  4. Oh my, what a fantastic board. Great quality, My main experience was with Red paddle boards and whilst they were nice, this is so much nicer! It just glides through the water, it is so light and fast it’s a pleasure to use. All the accessories are fab, and the bag is big enough to fit everything easily. I like the flexibility the board gives with removable fins. It would be great to see other colours than pink, even the mcconks blue as I think pink might put some people off. I’ve already recommended the brand to friends , one person already ordered!

    • Thanks for the review. We’re totally revising our range for 2024, and there will be more 5″ boards in the lineup. Watch this space!

  5. A perfect board for touring or fir just short trips. Extremely stable and quick through the water. Very well made and comes with a selection of leashes for your safety on various waters.
    I even use this board to teach persons for Improver Sessions.

  6. The board is fantastic, quick, stable, smooth through the water and more than capable of handling a bigger paddler like me along with capacity for camping kit.

  7. I have been on a few overnight SUP adventures but the iSUP or Hardboard I already own didn’t fully deliver. After looking online for a number of months, reading various reviews I decided to ask on a McConk forum & the honesty of the community on there helped sway me. The 14’ tourer was the one I chose. I’ve used it for a few long days both with a lot of kit & also with nothing. It feels super stable & very strong. I can’t wait to use it for multi-day events as soon as possible! Great bit of kit & would recommend it & the McConk brand all day long! ??

  8. Solid and stable. So much better than an entry level 10″6. I love this board and feel like I can travel smoother, further and faster. So much more stable; I now (mostly) only fall off when I want to! I can be a lot braver when having a go at stepback turns now!

  9. This replaces my much loved Go Anywhere 10’6″. I hoped the shorter length would make it more nimble in the waves but the old board was actually better in clean surf. Still, it’s a good, really tough all-rounder and I’ll get good use from it.

  10. Excellent board, minor issue with paddle bolts.
    We purchased two of these boards last month and have used them several times in the intervening weeks. It comes with everything you’d need to get going and while we are relative amateurs I can’t see why you’d want anything else from a board. Certainly handles much better than any other we’re used in the past. Glad we went for McConks. The only downside is the paddle hardware, for which the bolts in the adjustment clips must come incredibly loosely fitting from the warehouse – so make sure you tighten them up immediately when you open the package (you’ll need a cross-head screwdriver). We lost three bolts and one cam-lock clip within minutes of unpacking the kit. However these are easy to replace – M4 bolts 12mm in length – go for A2 stainless steel and ideally hex head so you can adjust with the same tool for locking the fins. Seems strange to need a crosshead screwdriver (not provided) as well as hex key for this, could easily be remedied from factory by having everything hex. McConks carry spare cam-lock clips as perhaps this is a recurring issue?
    In all, very happy and would definitely recommend.

  11. We have not tried these yet but will be in the next week or two

  12. Same as other board comments

  13. So far the boards have worked well and the participants and instructors like them. One comment from one of the instructors was “are there any boards in different colours”. All our boards are blue. Whether that was because I ordered blue boards or if that was the only colour, I cannot recall.

  14. Having received our first board a few weeks ago, we have put it through its paces. We have had one wheelchair in the board, we have tried it with a supportive paddler and we even had a child on the board with outriggers removed.

    This board does what it says on the label. Go Anyone has been an excellent addition to our fleet and have opened up iSUP to those who wouldn’t normally have access to the sport.

    Well done McConks for brining this to the UK.

  15. The board is a great all rounder used in the canals, rivers and Sea in my local area. It seems far more stable at the higher PSI capacity than cheaper boards.

  16. Great looking boards and glad to be able to offer them in our own store

  17. Stable board which turns well not too hard to inflate , good deck area

  18. Just love it! Nice stable board and a bag that you can wheel about and big enough for additional kit into

  19. Seems amazing. Had it out four times now in the 2 weeks since buying it. Great fun. Well built. Lovely to use

  20. Quality equipment at a fair price, ethical company with high levels of customer care, as a family we now have five various boards from their range and various other bits of kits which all performs as it should. Would be tempted to add a sixth board if they create an alternative whitewater board with a more aggressive tail rocker (hint hint).

    • We’ll take the hint. We do need to experiment with more aggressive rockers for WW. What size are you after?

  21. Amazing service from the McConks team and the iSUP is excellent. Quality and attention to detail is superb. Would highly recommend.

  22. We have had this board for 3 years. it is perfect for us as a family with three children (now aged 14, 12 and 8). We have had many lovely family holidays using this board, both in the Uk and abroad. It packs and travels well and is also great for away days locally. We had not used a SUP prior to this purchase. If you want to make lasting memories – buy this board!

  23. Very happy with this board, purchased after having lessons on the go anywhere, tried a few other makes but didn’t like them as much. Went for this as I find its great for a couple of hours on the sea or a full day out on the river. Nice and stable, moves well through the water and able to carry enough kit for a day out and more. Add to this the great customer service and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  24. Fantastic paddle board for river, loch and sea paddling. Really good advice and customer support afterwards. Will definitely get me next board from McConks, thinking a GoExplore 12’8 or 14.

  25. Delivered yesterday and I was on the water within an hour. Love my new Go Explore 12 8. It glides and tracks beautifully. Going to get a load of use for sure. Thanks

  26. Amazing boards. Had ours for a few years now and use them loads. Great for river day trips which what we do most but definitely capable of more. Also great for messing around with small people on holiday and doing shorter picnic adventurers. Andy was so helpful when we bought – lots of advice, no pressure to decide. He’s also super helpful when consumables need replacing or if you lose a fin! All round great product from great company.

  27. The short version of this review is that I have consistently been really happy both with board and the service McConks have provided, including their ethical and value based approach and their transparency around this.

    The longer version – the pump, board, paddle and bag are are all great (many of my friends with cheaper boards had bags that have just disintegrated or whose wheels just can’t go over rocky terrain making the boards much less usable). I also brought a heavy duty dry bag which has enjoyed adventures round the world but still looks like new (despite my abuse….)

    But more than the product quality, I have always had fantastic service from McConks that reflects their considered and humanity orientated approach (with a dash of humour). To give a couple of examples about the service –
    Initially there was a delay with the board arriving (not McConks’ fault but a challenge of deliveries during the heights of COVID) – the communication around this was fast, considerate and honest and they kindly upgraded my paddle as an apology for the delay (new paddle was so pretty I was tempted to hang it on the wall rather than take it out!). A second example is that when I lost a fin (my fault not a design flaw), they were super quick in replying and giving advice about which fin was needed as a replacement and kindly gave me free postage as a spontaneous bonus treat despite me asking to pay for it.

    Prior to purchasing I looked into the company and their environmental approach and was really pleased that this is something they articulate thinking about at a micro and macro level. They want you to have a board that lasts – so they design ones that do.

    In essence, this is a company I would support and indorse not just for the quality of the product but also, and if not more so, because of their ethics and approach – paddleboarding and the freedoms it gives are even more enjoyable when you are paddling on something that represents values you believe in – Thank you again.

  28. Go Anywhere really covers it.
    This board has toured lakes, run rivers, surfed (albeit less successfully for me than my son but that’s not the boards fault).
    Over the summer heat wave the whole family just used it as a lake soda to cool us down of an evening.
    It’s bomb proof, hard wareing. It’s also the best board and the best value you can get in the SUP world.

  29. Omg wanted a board to catch some waves on the sea and still go on the river (ok I do need to paddle a ‘little’ more then the 14) but catching the waves and still have the flexibility with the one fin setup on this board is amazing ? absolutely yes if you plan sea ?

  30. We bought this on a recommend and have been very impressed. It has been inflated and deflated all summer for 3 years and shows no signs of wear. Big enough the take the kids with me but small enough to surf on when I’m by myself. Highly recommended for all round SUP fun

  31. I had my 10’6 go anywhere board for around 4 years now and all I can say is bloomin brilliant fun.

    Previous to this board I had no experience whatsoever of SUP. I was a bit apprehensive of the set up etc but it was so simple to do.

    My whole family now get involved and the board goes with us on every trip to the coast or river.

    The quality of the board is first class as are the extras we purchased.

    Along with that and the first class customer service I highly recommend McConks for your purchase of anything SUP related.

  32. We decided to buy a SUP back in the early summer of 2020 when everything was a little bit crazy. A friend had recommended McConks kit to us so we started chatting with Andy by email to identify which would be the best board for us. The 12’8” seemed the best fit for us and McConks kept us informed through all the delivery uncertainties at that time and managed to deliver the board just in time for our eagerly awaited holiday.

    Two and a half years later, and I can confirm that the board is everything we hoped for and more. We’ve used on our local river, on some big lakes and on the Welsh and Scottish coast. It’s very versatile, covering distance easily on flat water, feeling reassuringly stable in big seas and it handles well for some fun in the surf. We haven’t tried touring yet, but there would be plenty of space for camping kit.

    The build quality seems excellent, both of the board and the rest of the package. We went for the carbon paddle upgrade and it is certainly a pleasure to use through a long day. The triple action pump upgrade is worth it too; this is a big board with a lot of volume to fill. Even the dry bag seems to be higher quality than many similar products out there. We’ve lost a small fin and bolt or two due to careless kids’ use, but McConks replaced them very quickly for us.

    Looking forward to many more adventures!

  33. On my 3rd board this 12.8 is by far the best board so happy with it and I’ve tried other boards took my time which I preferred this won hands down build quality is perfect too and speedy and glides tracks all I wanted love it ?????

  34. I bought my first board in 2021 for my daughter and her family, they have had a lot of fun with it, so much so I decided to get a second board in 2022. I’m no expert but I think the boards are excellent, and Mcconks offer very good after sales service and support. The online guidance, safety information relating to use of the equipment is also excellent. No hesitation in recommending this board, it is good for adults and our 8 and 10 year old grandchildren manage it very well too. The portability of the whole package is a great feature too.

  35. I have had my Mc Conks “GO Explore” 12’8 for 2 years now and from the very first time i stepped on it i understood the benefits of a quality Board vs lower quality ,not necessarily cheaper boards.
    For the first time hitting waves on the sea was not a problem this board is so super stable and gives you great confidence.
    I bored my mates so much that after having a go on mine they both bought their own and they rave about them too.
    The build quality is clearly top notch with lots of little details that show Mc Conks know what a great SUP should have ,like plenty of storage ,great carry straps, camera mounts and nice grippy platform.
    Almost forgot to say that the storage bag is the best that i have seen ,easy access ,strong with shoulder straps and wheels.
    Buy with complete confidence.

  36. We bought our McConks a couple of years ago now and it’s still giving us excellent service and fun opportunities wherever we go. It’s tough, robust, beautifully designed and we love it. It’s compact enough to squeeze into all o it adventures and we’ve been flat to be able to get n the water whenever we wanted to. Brilliant after sales service from the team when we lost a fin. Replacement – no problem!!! Such a good feel to support a genuinely family in UK business!

  37. V stable board delighted with purchase

  38. Had my board for 5 years now. It’s done grades 1-3, sea, surf and flat water paddling. It has been an outstanding board, very stable and strong. My daughters and grandchildren love it too. It handles 2 adults and 2 children on flat water providing endless fun. Despite conditions that have left me battered and bruised, the board has only minor wear and has never required any repairs. Well recommended.

  39. This has to be the go to board for use on rivers , lakes and sea. Copes well in anything from surf to a day’s touring on the river.
    The bag makes transporting the board easy and there is a practical pocket on the front is a great addition.
    Pre sales advice was excellent without feeling pressured to buy. Fast and efficient delivery.
    When I lost a fin, thorough my own mistake it was replaced promptly and with no quibble.
    Would buy again!

  40. I cannot recommend this board (or Company to be fair) enough. This is my second Mcconks board (first was the Mk1 version which I upgraded) and honestly, it is just perfect! The fin systems are super simple to use (and tweak) and the board itself is super strong and sturdy, and yet super lightweight. The bag is quite spacious (for a board that packs down surprisingly small), but super high quality and I can’t complain at all, as it means I can actually use this bag to take my board (and all other items needed) on holiday and only have to pack/check in one bag!

    The attention to detail is something to note too… camera mount screw on the front (as let’s face it, you need to get the “looking up selfie” for Insta on those blue sky days don’t you), multiple useful gear loops and handles, useful bungie cord on the front and the little “step” on the back makes pivot turns…. Well easier!! Also comes with repair patch and valve removal tool and a quick release safety belt with cord (an absolute must on moving water). I guess I’m saying you can just really tell that corners haven’t been cut to save a quid or two, and a lot of thought and experience has gone into this.

    Customer service wise, not sure you will find a company that genuinely cares more. I have spoken to the team a few times now over the years and they are super knowledgable and simply just want you to be happy using their products (surpassed my expectations on two occasions now).

    I honestly couldn’t be happier with my board (or mcconks carbon paddle) and I will no doubt have another at some point as the kids grow up/ can convince the wife it’s not as hard/scary as she thinks ha! Thank you Mcconks for doing what you do!

  41. Lovely board, I bought it for myself but the whole family can use it. We have taken it with us on holiday and it’s been great on lakes, rivers and on the sea.
    Add in Mcconks service and I couldn’t be happier

  42. Really really good.
    After months of agonising over reviews, none of which featured boards they hadn’t been given as freebie’s, a friend of mine recommended McConks as being passionate about what they do and real people to deal with.
    I pre-ordered my board but it has been worth the wait. Most of my mates have ‘Red’ boards, but they all say they would buy McConks if they had their time again. Better fin boxes, much lower cost and no downsides. They all rate my carbon paddle much better, lighter and more powerful than the Red options too, having 3 different ones between them.
    I had a faulty paddle initially- but I can’t fault the customer service. A new one was at my door inside a week and has been great ever since.
    I’ll be buying another larger McConks board at some point for family days and have been raving about them since I bought it.

  43. I bought the 12’8 as my first paddle board in September 2020 after a lot of research and dreaming. I wanted a board that was ethical in production, performed well and was value for money. I spoke to Andy directly, took his advice and visited the demo centre in the Cotswolds. It ticked all the boxes. I ordered it on a pre order and couldn’t wait to get out on it.

    I’ve not looked back. It is stable, glides smoothly over the water. It is perfect for long paddle adventures. In fact I love it so much I’ve recommended it to friends and friends of friends who’ve also bought from McConks.

    We are now a 3 board family (all 12’8s).and have now had 2 full years of year round paddles.

    The customer service has been excellent and any issues have been handled efficiently. I would highly recommend any of the McConks products – and the board selector feature on the website is a great way of finding out which board is right for you – so helpful if you’re starting out as a complete newbie to all things SUP.

  44. I’ve had the Go Race board for over a year now, so feel able to give a comprehensive review. This was an upgrade from my previous 14′ x 27″ race iSUP and the difference in build quality, rigidity & stability was very noticeable. The McConks is built like a tank! The attention to detail is very good too, such as the ability to unclip the bungees from the front & back and the neoprene on the handles. At 20psi, there is hardly any flex, even when I was a bit chunky at 15 & a half stone. The carbon stringer must help here. The downside of that though, is the fact that the slight v shape to the hull is lost. Once on the water, the board is very stable for a race board. It may take a few outings to get used to it, if moving from a 30″ or 32″ board but once moving, you won’t notice much difference. It is even stable when doing pivot turns. It is fast too. Obviously not as fast as a hard board or something like a Starboard Airline but, in the right hands, it is capable of winning races.
    I have to mention the finbox though. I can see what Andy has tried to do and it is great to think differently. The finbox sits flush to the bottom of the board, in an attempt to reduce drag. Does it work? I have to say, the jury is out on that. I find it quite hard to get it to sit 100% snug to the board, leaving a small gap which must create drag. I often find weed in there too. It is also a bit of a faff to put in, having to velcro 2 parts together while inflating. When flush, it may reduce drag by a fraction but I do wonder if the effort put into fitting it is worth it. The board is also a bit heavy, when compared to other, similar sized iSUPs, though I doubt that affects performance on the water.
    So overall, a fantastic, well made, fast & stable board. A couple of issues I’ve had have been dealt with swiftly, McConks’ customer service is just the best!

    • Thanks for the review Steve. Love it! And thanks for being honest. The jury is still out on the removable fin box for us too if we’re honest. We’re considering options for future versions!

  45. I got the 12.8 last year and Waited to get a full season befor reviewing

    Firstly the board. Love it! Top quality in the build.
    Used it numerous times on the sea, lakes and rivers and never let me down. On a sea trip I even had a foldable BBQ, charcoal and food all secured in a dry bag, fun paddle then a beach BBQ. Great that storage straps front and back.

    Nice and stable except for when the kids play “let’s knock Dad off his board”

    Storage bag has ample space so never an issue to pack away. Also impressed that comes with a quick release belt so right from the start they are already taking your safety seriously.

    McConks – Excellent service. I got mine when the all the decent manufacturers were having supplies issues due to COVID. They kept me in the loop and always came back to me within a reasonable time. Yes I had to wait but if you wanted quality that was the market at the time.
    Also did something for me which totally shows the customer service. In a rookie error I forgot to fasten the valve cover and lost it on a paddle. I asked Andy via email how can I go about getting a new one. Could have got one from Amazon but wanted a genuine one so the colours march. Expecting them to come back with a price, he found a used one and sent it in the post. They took the time to look and and send one out free. Still on my board and jus that little things showed the right customer service ethos.

    I went on to buy a dry bag and carbon paddle.

    In summary, great board with service to match. I also own another McConks board and would thoroughly recommend the 12″8, the 11″6 and McConks

  46. Thanks McConks – my SUP is awesome. I’ve taken it to lakes, rivers and the occasional sea outing. Never lets me down and feels indestructible. Grips well and not harsh on your feet (my wife’s board from a different manufacturer gets uncomfortable after a while). Glides well though the water. I did decide to upgrade the pump to electric – couldn’t get on with the one supplied.

  47. After years of wanting a paddleboard I finally took the leap and chose McConks after reading some positive reviews and really wanting to spend my money supporting a small family-run UK-based business. I absolutely love my 10 6 Go Anywhere board. It’s hard-wearing, suitable on flat water and chopper stuff, easy to set up and loads of fun to use! The customer service is brilliant too – the user guide with appropriate safety advice is ace. I can highly recommend!

  48. I’ve had my 10’8 paddle board for a couple of years now.
    Very good quality, easy to inflate, very stable on the rivers and lakes that I’ve been on ( I’ve not done coastal waters).
    Customer service from McConks when I ordered the board was top notch. Fully recommended.

  49. I’ve had a surfboard for years, and as a family we used to go surfing with the kids during the summer months. As the kids grew up and left home the poor surfboard sat there in the garage unused, and quite possibly feeling unloved. Years passed and it never got used. Skip to this summer (2022) and a chance visit to South Devon. We went to the beach and there in front of my eyes, were paddle boarders. All shapes and sizes but they had these boards that, unlike my hard surfboard, could be inflated and deflated at will and easily transported in a bag. Not only did it look easy to transport, but it also looked easy to do. It was then I had an epiphany, I want a paddleboard. It would certainly be easy to transport, and I could do it at the seaside, in local rivers and on local lakes. I was sold!! I went home and immediately sold my surfboard and went in search for a board.
    after a lot of searching, researching and head scratching, I found a board I liked and went and did a lesson/tour in Bath with a company that used them. Loved it!! This was the board I wanted however, the chap taking the lesson said get yourself a good fitting Buoyancy aid so I did, and after chatting to a chap at the shop, excitement got the better of me and I bought a board that wasn’t the one I had intended on buying. Whilst it felt ok, and looked pretty good, there was something about it that just wasn’t right for me.
    I started to wonder about it and started looking around again. As a member of a lake that has McConks boards as rentals, I had seen them but had never thought about them as an option.
    One day my son hired one and we went out together. It seemed a pretty sturdy board and had everything on it that the first board I’d seen had, wide, thick and plenty of storage space PLUS a GoPro mount!!!
    I started to research them and found them to be a local company with good environmental ethics and a great board package.
    After speaking to them for a bit, I couldn’t make up my mind on the 11’4 or the bigger 12’8. After speaking to Mr McConk himself, we decided as I was going on holiday very soon, to try the 12’8 and if I wasn’t happy I could swap it for the 11’4. Deal done.
    I ordered the board, it arrived very quickly and, surprisingly to me, it came with a paddle in a separate bag!!! Not what I’d expected at all. Unpacking it, everything was really good quality with attention to detail. Everything about it felt quality.
    I took it on holiday to Salcombe, with my sons, and we paddled up and down the estuary and I felt it easy to paddle and really stable and safe on it.
    Whilst this board was a little pricier than my original one, it is far superior to the 11’4 I bought and I feel you get what you pay for and I happy with it.
    I would also say, the other thing with McConks is the support I’ve had from them and the community they have. I feel like I have bought a fantastic product and have become part of a family. The information and articles shared within the community make it feel special and that I’m definitely part of a family.

    I love my McConks 12’8 Go Explore, wish I’d bought it first as it is my forever board.

    If you’re looking for a great board, great service and be part of something bigger buy a McConks. You won’t regret it.
    My only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

  50. Having now had this board for over a year, I can safely say it is an absolutely amazing board. I have used it on numerous 5-6 mile coastal trips in a variety of conditions, including a skill session in 6ft swell and 20 mph winds, and it has been brilliant. I stopped using the 2 side fins about 8 months ago and it doesn’t feel any less stable. I have also upgraded to a full carbon paddle as well. The board tracks well and is pretty quick for a wide board. Highly recommended

  51. We’ve owned our go explore board for a few years now. Our boys were 5 and 8 at the time and they both took to paddle boarding like a duck to water. The board, the support from McConks and the experience have all been superb. I rarely recommend to other people, but McConks is the exception. We all love paddling our paddleboard, on the sea, lake or a river. Sometimes we go two up without issue, even with my slightly excessive weight. Highly recommended.

  52. Bought a pair for myself and my son last year for paddling on rivers. Very stable but still with a good turn of speed. Son’s even done an amount of what water on his, Yat on the Wye and Derwent down into Matlock. And it came with a leash and belt so super easy to paddle safely without the leash getting in the way. And te solid carry case has kept them in excellent condition.

  53. This is a cracking touring board. I’ve used it on the coast is reasonable swell 1m + and wind and its good, stable, tracks well, lots of space for gear and doesn’t weigh too much.

  54. Decided to buy this board after using it in my beginners’ lessons. I’m fairly tall so wanted to have a longer board. It handles well (it was pretty windy last time I went paddling!) and the accessories are all of good quality.

  55. Excellent piece of kit. Well made and very durable in all waters. Kids love having fun on it along with Cindy the dog who sits very proudly on it Saying, “look at me everyone!”
    Highly recommended.

  56. I have had this board for 2 years and I am very, very pleased with it. In terms of features and build quality I think it is equivalent to (or better than), other boards costing significantly more, a fact which has made SUP’ing friends with more expensive boards quite jealous! I have done several long coastal paddles around Pembrokeshire and the Gower, the board is very stable, well balanced and tracks well, all contributing to greater range. The removable side bite fins add flexibility to the set up allowing adjustment to the conditions. I have also done numerous river and lake trips, here the board glides with minimum effort, a 23km paddle down the Charente earlier this year was a pleasure! Having a board with this many handles is a real advantage when it comes to getting it in and out of the water. The transport bag is excellent, plenty big enough for the essentials and more without a squeeze (I got 2 x wet suits, a spare paddle, and buoyancy aid in there as well during the trip to France). I think this board represents excellent value for money, pair it with the right paddle and you’ll go a long way!

  57. I’ve had my 11.4 for 3 years and it’s been used regularly on local rivers all over Cornwall and France. And I love my board. It’s well built, stable and fairly fast. Looking forward to doing some long distance overnight trips next year for another perspective on SUP exploring. My grandsons also love being on board with granddad.

  58. Love my board! I have lots of fun using it. My partner can sit on the front of the board whilst I paddle at the back 🙂 suitable for total beginners (like me!) Easy to inflate, transport and carry. Would highly recommend!

  59. Exactly as described! This is a robust well designed board for the serious tourer. we were looking for multi day touring boards and came to Mcconks for them after being recommended by a friend. We have used these boards extensively in the past two years, day touring and multiple day unsupported coastal touring in Scotland and the Mediterranean . They have been repeatedly inflated , deflated stuffed in bags chucked in vehicles , loaded with drybags, ( and our dog) survived impromptu landing on rocky shorelines, roasted in 35 degree heat and used for protection from biting sub zero Scottish snow!storms!
    Quality kit ! we wanted boards we could have confidence in for our adventures , these SUPi’s have given us that in bucket loads.

  60. Have used this board many time over the last year since I bought it. Very stable, glides well and good quality materials. Going for this as the slightly shorted explorer board, also means manoverability is great. Have used it both on canals and the sea in France. Buying direct, also means great service.

  61. Have used this board many time over the last year since I bought it. Very stable, glides well and good quality materials. Have used it both on canals and the sea in France. Buying direct, also means great service.

  62. First timer at paddle boar2 years ago – decided to purchase my own , after excellent word and mouth recommendation- bought from Mcconks. Great customer service and I’m really pleased with all the items received- 10:6 SUP paddle anywhere board- with strap ,carbon paddle, three fins, bag and both electric and manual pumps . The sturdy board is fantastic quality with a later free addition of an waist belt . The bag can be carried as a back pack or wheeled and it’s is huge ,however light and well ventilated – plenty of room for storing all your equipment. I use both pumps depending on where I’m launching the board.I’m am really pleased with the board and the regular updates/ information sent from Mcconks.Have and will continue to recommend Mcconks SUP boards .

  63. I absolutely love this board! I had a 10’8 board before, which was good, but I much prefer this. I’ve been paddling for a little while but not ages, so I wanted something a little faster than the Go Anywhere board but nothing too sleek and tippy – this hits the spot. When I was considering the upgrade, Andy at McConks advised me to try them both and suggested a centre where I could compare them. It was a no brainer and that’s the sort of service that will keep me loyal to these guys – they really care.

  64. I love my McConks SUP. It looks great, it’s stable and it cuts through the water brilliantly enabling me move at faster pace than those on standard rounder tipped boards.

  65. Bought my board eighteen months ago after considerable research. McConks were very helpful and responsive to my questions and some delivery issues in the immediate aftermath of Covid. I would certainly buy from them again if I ever need a new board. Having said that I doubt that I will be needing a new board any time soon. The one I have is excellent, sturdy and well made. Despite my being a newbie to the sport and considerably older than most I had no difficulty using it on the flatter water for which it is designed. It is reasonably stable, it is quick and effortless to paddle and it tracks well. Just what I wanted.

  66. I did a tonne of research online before buying this SUP. I wanted a good quality board and being a heavier person needed one that would be rigid enough for me. The McConks Go Anywhere 10’6” seemed perfect and after using on inland flat water, rivers and the sea it has proved to be absolutely excellent. The build quality is outstanding and despite heavy use over the last 2 years it’s still as good as new.

  67. Great board for stepping up from a beginner or general purpose board. I wanted the compact size mainly for day touring and because I’m not huge (5’3″) and it doesn’t disappoint as there is plenty of room for kit, front and back yet it’s still easy to manoeuvre with more speed than a general board. I’ve taken it on the sea and rivers with various flow and its managed really well and seems very robust. My adult son has only paddled a handful of times but now prefers this board, despite it being more ‘tippy’ than a general purpose board. Great board and very good value.

  68. I have had my go anywhere 10’6 inflatable SUP for 2 years now and it has proved itself exceptionally well in the waters of the Outer Hebrides where it has been bounced off rocks multiple times. There are minimal signs of it’s use despite it being bashed and dragged across the beach and loch shores by my kids. It feels incredibly stable in the water, so much so my very nervous 14 year daughter will happily spend hours on it. The accessories that come with the board are of a very good quality and the customer service has been great at McConks. I chose this SUP based on reviews I found online. I’m always nervous going by online reviews but on this occasion I was very glad I did. I would absolutely recommend McConks SUPs as they are fantastic pieces of equipment at a great price.

  69. Excellent quality board. My friend’s cheaper boards are already falling apart while this is going strong. Well made and excellent communication from the McConks team. A bit thinner which is a good challenge for balance on rougher waters but super fun. Do recommend!

  70. Very please with our paddle board, feels well made and handles well. We’ve been using ours for 2 summers with no problems. Had a few questions before purchase that were answered in quickly and we’re very helpful.

  71. I bought this last year it is amazing board I’m a heavy guy and carry a lot of kit on the front deck as I am training to be a paddle sports leader. It tracks beautifully and I find it very stable with so much deck space available even when loaded up there is plenty of room to move to trim the board for the conditions. I paddle in mixed group in terms of craft so if it goes on the water and is paddle it’s in the group. Nothing quite like two people and a 17-foot canoe on your paddle board so you can drain the water out and get the paddler back in their craft dry and safe.
    on the see, rivers or the lake district it has performed over and over again stability, control, tracking and speed are all exceptional without having multiple boards for different days.

  72. Excellent board and service, it’s so good we bought another one a few months later.
    It’s a great size and buoyancy for one person + kit, but could also easily take 2 x people. Build quality so far seems excellent.
    The only negative point is the bag broke within a few months of owning it, but the actual board is great.

  73. This is the second board we have bought – that’s how happy we are with the product! The bundles are excellent value and the quality of the parts and build top notch. We have used the bags for local adventures and also taken then to Greece in airlines for summer holidays – all held up well to wear and tear. The board tracks well and is versatile on flat water and a bit of small surf. The big winner has been the customer service – getting small spare parts was easy – and when we had one warrantee claim Andy and the team stood behind their product 100% – fast and full resolution. That for me says everything and justifies the purchase choice.

  74. After reading about the McConks brand and boards online I bought my first board from them 4 years ago. It was such a great board that when I was ready to buy a second I came straight back to them. Customer service is faultless and Andy was great with any advice I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again, I recently purchased waist belts from McConks (my boards didn’t come with them a few years back and there were many cheaper alternatives online) but as I really trust the brand and support so it was obvious to come back.

  75. I have now had by Go Explore 14′ board for over 18months and have been truly delighted with it. I use it extensively on the Kennet & Avon Canal, River Avon around Bath, Cotswold Water Park and in Poole Harbour on the south coast. In all these locations it has proven a delight to paddle and navigate. I have invested in two dry bags for fore and aft storage for day and overnight expeditions and have both hand and electric car pumps for bankside inflation.

  76. Love this board! I bought a 12′ 8″ for my wife a few years back and she loves it. We were swapping back and forth on it and it was so smooth through the water that I decided to get a second one for myself. I had used other brands previously (my friends) but honestly the shape and length of this suited me perfectly. I use it on lakes, rivers and the sea and it is equally brilliant in each case. I even use it for surfing in white water and it is so much fun. Build quality is excellent and proven by a close encounter with a bus one day when I was carrying it to the beach and a bus clipped it, sending it flying down the road. Nothing but a scuff from where it hit the tarmac on landing, and that cleaned up! Next step I am considering a inflatable sail to see how it handles windsurfing – All in all a brilliant board. I have been a fan of McConks since they started up and even as a small family business, they stand up against the multinational brands. I research the bizingo out of anything I spend hard earned money on and they are of the best quality. Yes there are cheaper boards out there and more expensive to, the cheaper are generally poor quality, will be line a banana on the water and literally blow up if over inflated. McConks are rated to 27PSI which is MASSIVE! in SUP terms. Rock solid on the water, top construction internally which is what all the top boards use. The cheap boards are basically an expensive lilo, you see them at the beach and they are rubbish. MCConks will last a lifetime and maintain their value. Don’t hesitate!

  77. Fabulous board, great quality, robust and stable but also very manoeuvrable and good fun in choppy waters. I have had it now for nearly 3 years and it is still in perfect conditions.

    The accessories it comes with are very good quality, the bag is perfect for traveling, sturdy and the wheels are great.

    Andy cares a lot for his customers and will always reply very quickly to any enquiries.

    I cannot see myself changing brand any time soon!

  78. These boards are just great. Versatile durable and easy to transport. We have used them to tour around the Scillies and scotland. Good glide, robust and still going strong after 3 years. Not the fastest, but great from Ato B in sea and rivers.

  79. I love this board, it is perfect for anyone who is starting paddle boarding and also for those more advanced. It is wide enough for beginners and I find it very stable.

    Also the accessories it comes with are very good quality, the bag is perfect for traveling as it is robust and the wheels are very useful.

    It is clear that as a family run UK company they focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

    In terms of customer service, Andy cares very much and replies to enquiries straight away. When I bought this board, I had also bought the seat that can be mounted to sit down, however it then turned out that this board doesn’t have the correct d-rings to fit the seat: Andy was very understanding, he sent me a refund for the seat but also spare d-rings and glue so that I could stick them on the board and still use the seat.

    Since I bought the board, I have recommended McConks to everybody and I cannot see myself changing brand any time soon.

  80. Ideal touring board; stable but with good glide. Plenty of handles for carrying/ manoeuvring. Comes witha top quality bag. I have x2 of these boards; bought one for my son after he lusted after my board, also bought a whitewater sup. I have x2 of these boards; bought one for my son after he lusted after my board, also bought a whitewater sup.
    Same quality as the more expensive brands and much better than boards of a similar price.
    McConks give great service as well; swift delivery, easy contact, prompt replies and very helpful. Genuinely a family operation.

    McConks;My “go to” choice.

  81. One of the best boards on the market. I was lucky enough to borrow a quiver of Go Anywhere boards to give taster sessions to nurses from my local hospital. I was very impressed with both the 10’6 and 10’8 versions of this board. They are quick to inflate. Using the double action pump, I had 4 boards pumped to 18psi+ in less than 20 minutes. You could put more in it, but it really doesn’t need it, as I’m 18 stone (113kg) and 6’2 (188cm) and 18psi was more than enough to keep the board stiff and straight with me stood on it. The pads and rails are really well stuck down and don’t start coming loose as you get with some of the lesser quality boards, the deck pad is also super comfortable even on longer trips. Fin positioning is good with a US fin box allowing you to not only move the fin around depending on conditions, but change fins for different terrains. For personal use, I went for the carbon paddle which is super light and super stiff and highly recommend it.

    The boards are absolutely awesome, they are an ethical and sustainable brand, but what I like most about the McConks brand is the customer service. They are very passionate about everything they do and this comes across in their products but also, if you are really unlucky and have a problem, they will bend over backwards to help you sort it.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a better inflatable sup or company to buy it from

  82. Absolutely brilliant. We love our board. Suitable for the whole family, nice and stable for the kids but agile enough for the adults to go on coastal adventures. Plenty of space for bags, a kid or 2 or the dog. The board is great quality and easy to inflate. When something did go wrong the team at mcconks replaced the board immediately. Fab service, great at sharing the knowledge. Well worth the money.

  83. Love my board, it’s awesome. Clearly been designed and built well by people who love this sport. I paddle all year, generally in the sea but have had great fun in rivers and canals as well. I’m 5”11 and around 90kg and have great balance on it, yet still fun.

    Team McConks customer service has been spot on, communication was prompt when needed, and resolved a delivery issue promptly.

    Above and beyond is the information / advice videos they put out, loved these in my research stage!

    Thank you team M

  84. My first board was a McConks 10’6” Go Anywhere – really nice board, but after a while I decided that something bigger and more focused towards touring would suit my paddling better. Having been very happy with the Go Anywhere (and the support from McConks when I bought it) I sold it to a friend and bought the Go Explore.

    Really enjoying it. It’s a well-built robust board, with the build quality I would expect from a premium manufacturer like McConks. The design is well thought out, with well placed handles and plenty of storage space front and rear. It glides and tracks well, so is great on longer trips. It is very stable even when there’s a bit of chop on the water. The accessories that come with it (leash, bag etc) are also great quality and well designed.

    The only downside is that being a bigger board than my last one, it takes a bit longer to pump up! I’m very happy with this board and would recommend it 100%.

  85. Signed up to SUP lessons last year, and got to try lots of different boards, and by far this was my favourite.

    Bought my own when the lessons ended and been out constantly with it in the open water, and would recommend it to anyone.

  86. Excellent quality and a pleasure to use. Been using it regularly all year round and still in very good condition and no issues.

  87. I bought this bought late last summer it has been fantastic. I’ve used it on the sea and the lakes, stable and smooth, love it. So much so we are going to be buying another this year.

  88. I’m fairly new to paddleboarding and the GoAnywhere 10’6” is my first board. I did a fair bit of research on-line, and was able to hire boards from Red and McConks a few times to try before I clicked ‘buy’. Everything pointed towards the quality of the McConks board being comfortably up there with the best, despite their prices being slightly below some of the other premium brands.

    In addition, McConks are fairly local to me and they’re a smaller family-run company, and I wanted to support them rather than a big multinational brand. McConks don’t go in for glossy expensive marketing full of skimpy bikinis and tropical beaches, they are just a nice bunch of enthusiasts whose knowledge, integrity and passion for the sport comes across in what they do.

    I’ve now had the the GoAnywhere a few weeks, and it has been faultless on the rivers and canals I’ve paddled. I’ve done a couple of longer (for me) 3-4 hour trips, and it’s remained comfortable and relaxed. It’s stable and tracks well, which I appreciate as a newbie, but it is nimble and turns well when I fancy a bit of a play. I’m working on my step-back turns – the shape of the board is perfect, but my skills are not!

    The various fixtures and fittings (handles, D-rings etc) are quality items and well specified for the board’s intended use. The fins included with the board are fairly generously sized, so I bought a set of river fins for the shallower rivers I sometimes venture down (the fact that it comes with quality US/FCS fin boxes and removable fins is a real plus point of this board, and for me elevate it above a couple of its rivals).

    All the accessories and safety gear that come with the board are robust and top quality too – absolutely no corners cut here either. The attention to detail is first class, and really gives you the sense that it’s been designed by someone who uses this stuff day in day out. The bag is brilliant (and big!) and makes the packing and transportation of the board and other kit so much less hassle. I bought the triple action pump, which makes inflation to the recommended pressure relatively quick and easy (though still a good cardio warm-up!).

    I’m very happy I went with McConks. This board is very robust and versatile and will last me a good long time. One day I’ll probably move to a more touring specific board, and will happily give McConks my repeat custom.

  89. I used this board for the first time yesterday on a 5.72 mile round trip from Lulworth cove to Durdle Door, Bath hole and back and found it to be an absolutely awesome ride. Very stable and tracking was excellent. It also handled to slight swell with comparative ease. It was a real pleasure to paddle and I cannot wait to get back on it

  90. I purchased this board after trying both a Red and a Jobe. A couple of people then suggested McConks and after reading the reviews I decided to go for the 10ft 6 as my first board. So far I have used it on the sea in Cornwall and Weymouth, at times in some pretty strong winds and chop and it has been great, feels a bit tippy sometimes, however that is probably more down to my inexperience rather than the board as out of the wind in mild chop I have no problem at all staying upright. Build quality is excellent and it inflated to 18psi in 10-15 minutes with the upgrade pump. I have a 7 inch fin so maybe with a 9 inch it will be better in the sea ?. My wife also uses it, but prefers calmer sea and minimal wind. It appears to track really well in all conditions I have used it in and when kneeling I can really get some speed up. The bag it comes with is excellent quality and everything fits in, even the 2 piece paddle. Unpacking it to inflate is easier than packing it up after. It is a shame that you have to keep your thumb on the valve to deflate it (unless I am doing something wrong). I am now thinking of upgrading to the 12ft 6 for a quicker ride and maybe the kayak seat. Great board though

  91. I love this board. Great for improvers, it feels like you can really progress your skills. Although it is a similar width and thickness to the all-round version, it is actually considerable less stable (and consequently more manouvreable and faster). So although its still suitable for a beginner, if you are less confident in your balance my advice would be to look at the Go Anywhere range first. That said, my partner falls into the above category, and while it took her a few goes to find her feet, she prefers this board now too.

    A word on customer service: Andy really cares about customer satisfaction. I had initially bought a budget ‘Go Simple’ board, (now discontinued), and when I queried a cosmetic defect Andy gave me the option of keeping hold of it (along with a small refund for the damage) or exchanging it for a better model after a month or so’s trial. I eventually exchanged it, but what stuck with me above anything was Andy’s focus on my happiness with my purchase over all.

    McConks make great boards, really focus on customer satisfaction, and I recommend their products 100%. What a great family run UK company to support. My next board will definitely be a McConks, thanks Andy!

  92. Excellent build quality, very well thought out design, great non-slip deck, stable, manoeuvrable, very good value and tremendous fun.

    Being new to SUP there are probably others better qualified than me to do a review. This is only the second board we’ve used, having learned to paddle this week on holiday, and so we don’t have much to compare it with. That said the quality of the board and paddle are plain to see.

    We had our maiden voyage today at Chelmarsh Sailing Club in Shropshire and Ellen was off like a rocket – the stability of the ride was very confidence-inspiring. After about 500m of paddling I found the sweet spot and was able to drive the board in a straight line without swapping sides and I even managed to sink a rail consistently.

    I really like the kick-pad at the back of the board and I spent a happy half hour practising step back turns (although in reality I was practising self-rescue more often than not). When I got it right it was very rewarding as the board just flew around.

    We went for the carbon fibre shaft/nylon blade paddle upgrade which I feel was money well spent as the paddle felt nicely balanced. I would have liked a better blade but it wasn’t an option. It would be useful if there were index marks on both joints to speed up assembling the paddle although adding my own was simple enough.

    Everything packs up neatly in the bag which also seems robust and the wheels are really useful.

    We paid extra for the better hand pump. It took me about 6 minutes to get up to 19. The pump is all plastic but seemed to the job fine.

    Dealing with McConks was very easy, I like the fact that they are direct to customer and speaking to an experienced paddler at the club, both the company and their boards have an excellent reputation.

    As you can probably tell by now, I think the board is great. As absolute beginners we both found it really easy to paddle and I feel that there is plenty of room to grow with the board as we improve.

  93. Excellent build quality, very well thought out design, great non-slip deck, stable, manoeuvreable and great fun.

    My wife and I learned to paddle on holiday in Cornwall

  94. A fantastic board that I’m totally in love with. As newbie to SUP I wanted something that would carry some kit for a mini adventure whilst being responsive and turning well. This board is it. It also feels like I’ve got room to grow with it as my technique develops – I get the impression that this board will get better with me rather than me wanting to leave it behind by getting an instant upgrade. It folds down well and the bag is really good quality – with wheels, rucksack straps and plenty of handles which help getting it into the car.

  95. I have had my board over a year now, and it’s been pretty faultless.
    I found it forgiving in the sea, and though it took a few outings to get used to paddling in surf (my main interest), I found it very agile for its size on the waves and took it out in head-height surf in Spain without too much drama. ‘go anywhere’ is a good name for it!

  96. Having started SUP’ing on a 10’6” board from another company (not blue or green), then trying a longer touring board (from a different galaxy), I decided I wanted the best of both worlds!

    Enter McConks! I’d seen them online and talked about them with a friend who’d met Andrew, but there was none to try within and hour and a half of me. A few messages later and I was trying the 11’4” Go Explore.

    Now, if I’m brutally honest, I wasn’t sure about this board on my first time out (on glass like water), but I took it out a second time (7-9mph winds) and started to fall in love! Turns out I’d just had a bad day and I was so worried about falling in on the first trip that it turned my legs to jelly! After that and a good talking to by myself, Andrew and another instructor friend, I took it out, threw myself off it, got back on and never looked back!

    I love this board! I weigh about 90kg (honest!… ok, sometimes nearer 93… 95 then!) and am 5’11”. I’m as supple as a concrete lintel. I inflate the board to 18psi and away I go. It feels super rigid and I’m told by people paddling next to me that it sits really well in the water. It’s got D rings aplenty and plenty of storage space and the deck pad feels super grippy.

    Everything about the board and the rest of the kit feels premium quality (I opted for the carbon/bamboo 3 piece paddle) and I love it!

    Price wise, I genuinely believe that McConks are consistently £200 cheaper than other manufacturers at the same or similar standard. Couple that with fantastic communication and customer service and I believe you could do a lot worse with more money!


  97. Early days and nothing to compare to. However very good so far, seems well made. First trip was to Crete! Just enough extra space and weight allowance in the bag for my other things.
    If your paddles don’t fit neatly in the bag there a solution -talk to Andy.

  98. Very versatile board – light and easy to manoeuvre – very high quality materials.

  99. I bought this board after a lot of research, and absolutely love it. Paddles in a straight line easily, relatively light given the size, and super stable. Everything that comes with it is great quality. Very happy, thanks! 🙂

  100. Great board, practically indestructible and incredibly stable for new paddlers.

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  1. A helpful team with a fast and reliable service

  2. Very fast and great comms throughout the process

  3. Web site is great the quick links get me to where I want quickly. Delivery and service have always been fast that’s why I keep coming back

  4. Always quick and promoted service

  5. great variety of gear avalable

  6. Faultless!

  7. Absolutely love this board! So stable and such a pleasure to paddle!

  8. Easy transaction speedy delivery

  9. Lovely board

  10. Fantastic customer service

  11. Quality product at affordable price.

  12. I was kept up to date about delivery which was prompt with no issues at all

  13. Website OK just a tad slow on delivery.

  14. Oh my, what a fantastic board. Great quality, My main experience was with Red paddle boards and whilst they were nice, this is so much nicer! It just glides through the water, it is so light and fast it’s a pleasure to use. All the accessories are fab, and the bag is big enough to fit everything easily. I like the flexibility the board gives with removable fins. It would be great to see other colours than pink, even the mcconks blue as I think pink might put some people off. I’ve already recommended the brand to friends , one person already ordered!

    • Thanks for the review. We’re totally revising our range for 2024, and there will be more 5″ boards in the lineup. Watch this space!

  15. I found the website not digitally accessible, there are several things that could be done to improve the experience for your customers, i.e. better colour contrast. Looking at WCAG guidelines could help to see what could be done. I have to say the same about the automatic emails – the font was very small and it could only zoom in to a certain level – it should fully respond to zoom. It was too small to read for me.

    Customer service was brilliant, very quick replies, very helpful and polite.

    Unfortunately didn’t have a good experience with the delivery – first of all their link didn’t provide a tracking number – had to contact McConks for help who sorted it for me very quickly. Then using the tracking number I was informed the parcel will be delivered on a certain day so I took a day off work but it never arrived. As I couldn’t have another day I have changed the delivery date manually to next day and asked for the parcel to be left with my neighbour. The courier dumped the parcel on my doorstep without even trying to knock at my neighbours. The box was damaged in several places some holes piercing through the cardboard and all internal packaging all the way to the board.

    • Hi Louiza. Thanks for your comments, and we’ve taken them on board.

      Our website is due for an overhaul this autumn and winter because we’re very aware the usability and functionality is not up to scratch on some devices/operating systems, as are the automated emails.

      Re the delivery issues, we were in the process of switching from one courier to another because of issues with the previous courier failing to collect. The distribution centre hadn’t fully integrated the new courier meaning that despatch and tracking emails weren’t being sent sorry. We’re currently monitoring the new courier – we’ve had lots of issues with their quality since switching…

      And thanks for your kind comments about our customer service 🙂
      Team McConks

  16. Friendly, helpful, efficient, excellent customer service

  17. Honest and professional

  18. Great service ?

  19. Excellent quick service and delivery.

  20. Forget the big brands you pay a fortune for, the quality of these SUPs is amazing and superior in my opinion, with a long warranty and great customer service.

  21. Good service and prompt delivery

  22. Excellent communication and genuinely sought to resolve the complication of shipping to Switzerland. Sensible shipping costs, good pricing and timely delivery. Extremely happy and aside of this review, I had already written directly to say as much. Thank you.

  23. Easy to navigate, love the function on finding the right board for you.

  24. Super quick delivery and no issues at all.

  25. McConks are a company that you can trust to help you

  26. Okay first thing to say is…….. stop looking at other board makes right now !
    You will not find better and I have seen so many others and they just don’t compare. Being able to pump up to 25psi should tell you all you need to know, you can’t do that with substandard boards. I love mine and could not be happier, just buy one now you will have no regrets.

  27. Easy all the way through the whole process!

  28. Good service thank you !

  29. As always, fast delivery and excellent customer service!

  30. Had an issue with my bag and a new one despatched immediately

  31. Excellent vale, ethically sourced and manufactured products from a family business that takes its customer service seriously. Cannot recommend McConks highly enough.

  32. Really good website customer service Really good and responsive on messages very fast delivery

  33. Delivery was really quick and when I had an issue, it was sorted out really quickly. Thank you so much McConk

  34. As always, excellent advice and customer service

  35. Amazing customer service and amazing products . My first board as I was new to this sport and absolutely love it . Board is well made and very stable . Already had it out many time on Scottish lochs and rivers . Thank you

  36. So so happy with our board, quick delivery and great communication, love how the bag has wheels.

  37. Well they were kind enough to let me keep the damaged paddle I first ordered. However the paddle bag was filthy, covered in black greasy type dirt & all over it, subsequently went in the bin. After complaining I received a 2nd carbon paddle without delay, but the strange thing was the paddle bag again was nearly as dirty as the original order. Nevertheless no marks on 2nd paddle & so far seems OK. Generally surprised in the dispatch quality and they want a review lol..

  38. Great efficient service

  39. Arrived quickly enough, but Parcel force had managed to damage the box and lose the fin. Andy replaced it quickly.

  40. I absolutely cannot fault these guys on all round service. I researched quite a bit before buying and they ticked all the boxes and I’m so glad I went with them. I don’t know how Andy has the time to answer emailed personally, but he gets back so quickly. I needed a replacement sent out and he not only sorted it immediately, but made sure it arrived before arranging collection of the returned kit, so I was never without it.

  41. Dealing directly with Andy was a pleasure and the process of ordering what we needed ran seamlessly.

  42. web site easy to use . service and delivery delivered on time .

  43. Delivery was as fast as quoted. I did have a tracking problem, not McConks fault, but emailed my issue and had a reply the same day and it was sorted.

  44. Not only is their products top quality so is the customer support.

  45. The service and advice given was brilliant.

  46. Delivery of my new board was fantastic, I asked a question about the board prior to buying it and haven’t received a response. I bought the board because I tried a friend’s and liked it, quite a few of my paddling buddies have one.

  47. Andy and the Mcconks team have values that we can only dream were replicated across the consumer industry. The quality of the service, board and overall customer experience is 2nd to none.

  48. Easily found part I wanted on the website. Delivered promptly. Thanks for supplying spare parts.

  49. Quick delivery, great communication from point of purchase through to delivery. Fast responce to enquiry.

  50. Fast, efficient delivery. Customer service excellent!

  51. Excellent customer service & delivery plus a great website

  52. Customer service is outstanding nothing is to much

  53. Customer Service is amazing nothing is to much

  54. Service was OK – I didn’t receive a reply to queries by email nor was there a telephone number to call.

    • Hi Michael
      Thanks for your review. We understand that your query was to do with an earlier order, not this order. We did have a few issues with our helpdesk system earlier in the 2023 where some queries were unfortunately marked as spam. We believe we’ve fixed this now, and we always try to respond to emails and social media messages within 24 hours.

  55. Easy to order and super friendly service

  56. After ordering online I seemed to hear nothing for a while and then suddenly the item turned up.

    • That’s unusual. You should get automated notifications that:
      1. Your order is being processed
      2. Your order is being despatched
      3. Your delivery notifications from DPD or parcelforce.
      4. Then you should get notifications direct from the courier about your delivery slot

      Normally when this doesn’t happen it is because the customer has mistyped their email address and hasn’t included a mobile number. However sometimes we do have system failures meaning that the notifications aren’t despatched. But it is highly unusual for all notifications to go astray!

      Team McConks

  57. Helpful advice . Very patient with all my questions, however obvious the answers may have been. Knowledgable and supportive in helping choose the right board to fit my user needs . Prompt delivery with everything in tact. Thank you

  58. The website was a little bit glitchy but I love all the information on there about products and paddling! There were a couple of issues with delivery but the customer service was fab and sorted these out promptly.
    Good to buy a decent product from a small company.

  59. Fabulous. Super quick delivery, well package and always as described.

  60. Excellent service as always and great safety release belt

  61. Customer service is amazing you won’t find another company as quick as these nothing is to much

  62. Excellent service in every respect

  63. Always seem to have a problem when checking out when using the online service. Possibly because I’m using my iPhone?

    • Morning – we do seem to have a checkout issue with apple users sometimes – we’re aware but have never been able to resolve!

  64. Great support and swift replies to my questions. Thank you for your help and brilliant customer service. No hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for a board, advice and kit.

  65. Customer service and delivery was awesome. Great comms throughout