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McConks windSUP/windsurf/wing surf/wing foil guide #2 – 5m Go Fly inflatable wing surfing/wing foiling wing overview.

We’ve roped SUPM/WSUK magazine’s Tez Plavenieks in again to give us an overview of the McConks 5m Go Fly wing surfing/wing foiling wing (if you haven’t seen the first part, where he talks about the McConks 9’8 Go Free crossover board, then check it out here). The guys at SUPM have had a few different versions of the Go Fly from prototype through to the 5m version on sale now.

We appreciate for many paddlers, however, not versed in wind sports, the whole wing surf/wing foil thing may be a bit alien. (Even if your interest is pricked). But it’s actually an easy product to use and takes advantage of breezy days at the coast or inland – of which we get a lot of those!

It’d be great to think every time we head for a float we’d be on for glassy conditions. Unfortunately, the changeable, unpredictable nature of the UK’s weather means that’s never going to be the case. If you’re intrigued by the whole wing ding discipline, but not 100%, then check out the video which has a whole load of info. If you still have questions about winging or anything else McConks SUP related then give us a holla.

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