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Have you tried windsurfing with a traditional high performance, heavy rig and totally failed?  Did that put you off for life?

That’s the story of so many people. Trying to learn with high performance or old heavy kit must have put millions of people off windsurfing for life.

But not any more.  This inflatable sail is light weight – even the largest size only weighs the same as a large bottle of water.  It also floats, and so it doesn’t fill up with water making it impossible to haul up when you fall.

And not only is this rig perfect for beginners to learn, we think it will recapture windsurfing from the professional elite.  For many years windsurfing has got more and more specialist and performance oriented.  And in much the same that SUP has reclaimed surfing some style and laid back lifestyle from the hackers and slashers of the short board world, this inflatable rig will reclaim windsurfing back for the recreational windsurfers.  Perfect for river cruising and lake cruising, this rig will help you to explore your world.


The Go Sail comes in three sizes:

XS 1.5 | S 2.2 | M 3.2 | L 4.2

X-small – 1.5m -designed for children up to around 1.25m or four feet in height (up to about 8 years)

Small – 2.2 square metres – designed for larger children or smaller adults up to around 1.7 m (5’6″)

Medium – 3.2 square metres – designed for adults 

Large – 4.2 square metres – designed for adults

Comes with an adaptor so the sail can be inflated with a standard SUP pump, and it inflates in less than two minutes!

Comes with an adaptor so the sail can be fitted to a standard windsurf universal joint, or the windsup plug found on all wind iSUP.

Comes with a protective bag.

Check out the Windsurfing UK magazine review here.



Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 94 × 35 × 40 cm
GoSail size

XS 1.5, S 2.2, M 3.2, L 4.2


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