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WindSUP fun with McConks’ Go Sail – another way to make use of windy days at the beach.

‘Wings’ has been the buzz word of windy watersports these past few months, and wings continue to dominate interests. Here at McConks we’re into wings and have the Go Fly that works great for foiling or for wing SUP. Before wings exploded on the scene, however, anything windy stand up related was about windSUP. As in: attaching a windsurfing rig to your stand up paddle board.

We’ve done our share of windSUP in the past and completely appreciate why windsurfing is tricky to start off with. The rig itself, with all those hard component bits, doesn’t make for the lightest/easiest method of propulsion to haul out of the water. Which is why we were keen to utilise McConks’ inflatable know how for windsurf sails.

Inflatable windsurf sails are nothing new. In fact, it was during initial prototyping that the idea of inflatable wings came about (not by McConks we hasten to add – unfortunately). The same technology that’s used with inflatable windsurf sails is applied to wing surfing foiling wings. And the benefits are tangible. Super light, easy to handle, rapid to progress with and simple to transport/store – what’s not to like?

For many the idea of foiling with a wing may not be to taste. But having gear to make use of breezy days does. The McConks Go Sail inflatable windsurf rig certainly ticks the box here. And combined with a suitable board, that has a rig attachment (such as the McConks Freedom), you’re poised to be having a whale of a time whatever the weather.

WindSUP sort of fell off the radar a little back. But with the renewed interest surrounding stand up paddle boarding, and its many offshoots, windSUP is due a return (to some degree). Seasoned windsurfers may scoff at the inflatable rig idea. There’s no question though if you’re just wanting to make use of moderately blowy conditions the McConks Go Sail inflatable windsurf rig is a lot of fun with the least amount of hassle possible.

You can find out more about the windy side of SUP by hitting the following link –

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