You are currently viewing McConks windSUP/windsurf/wingsurf guide #1 – 9’8 Go Free inflatable board overview.

McConks windSUP/windsurf/wingsurf guide #1 – 9’8 Go Free inflatable board overview.

There’s a lot of gear out there in the big wide world of stand up paddling: pretty much, there’s a board, paddle, accessory bundle and combo for all forms of getting wet. As many will already be aware SUP is super diverse – it isn’t JUST about paddling these days.

You can split SUP into many different categories, based on the wants/needs of ‘paddlers’, weather conditions and where riders put in.

McConks has a long heritage with wind driven sports. Our illustrious leaders (more commonly known as Andy and Jen!) both come from a windsurfing watersports background, so the connection’s there . It should come as no surprise, therefore, that we embrace windSUP and did so from the off. In recent times, with the evolution of inflatable technologies, it’s now possible to have proper performance in an air board – particularly with planing windsurfing in mind. And we’re always striving to improve upon this. Our next improvement will be with inset fin boards to remove the last bit of drag stopping boards from planing.

The beady-eyed will have also noticed McConk’s Go Fly wing range. Wings, for those not initiated, have been around for almost as long as windsurfing but only really last year (2019) did they explode onto the scene properly – driven in large by implementing inflatable technology for the production of easier to use wings.

Responding to the ever-growing interest in wind-driven SUP products McConks has developed the 9’8 Go Free board. This is our answer to windSUP, performance inflatable windsurfing and wingsurfing. We appreciate, however, that many SUPers mightn’t be aware of what these products can do. With this in mind, we roped in our good friend Tez Plavenieks, from SUP Mag UK and Windsurfing UK magazines, to give you the lowdown on the McConks 9’8 Go Free. He’ll also be covering the McConks Go Fly wing in part two and we’re hoping that there’ll be some water footage for a third instalment – stay tuned on that one! For now check out the vid below to find out about the McConks 9’8 Go Free windSUP/windsurf/wingsurf inflatable board.

So here, in the words of a rather knowledgeable brummie, is the review.

If you have any further questions about the 9’8 Go Free, the McConks Go Fly wing or any of our other products don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

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