McConks 9’8″ Go Free 2020 crossover wingsurf/windsurf board | Preorder


Only 8 left in stock (can be backordered)


The McConks windsurf/wingsurf crossover board takes breezy performance to the next level. All McConks inflatable SUP boards are light, stiff and durable. The 2020 Go Free 9’8 has a denser deckpad belt, however, that adds yet more rigidity. And with that additional stiffness the board planes (lifts from the fin, overtakes its bow wave and skims like a stone) more efficiently than before.

As a fully-fledged, planing freeride windsurf board with footstraps, a hard rail release edge and fibreglass freeride fin wind sessions are guaranteed to be even more fun. Remove that freeride fin and footstraps to discover an accomplished and fun SUP board that works in whitewater river situations, delivers as a surf SUP and is surprisingly good in a straight line and where tidal waters may be in effect.


If you’re considering wingsurfing the Go Free 9’8 is our board of choice. It performs rather well with the McConks Go Fly 5m SUPwing.


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