You are currently viewing McConks evolution: prototyping, hard boards, windSUP, foil boards and getting ready for 2021’s season (sneak peek).

McConks evolution: prototyping, hard boards, windSUP, foil boards and getting ready for 2021’s season (sneak peek).

For most of you summer’s only just begun. That said, we’ve already passed the summer solstice and we’re now on a slide down into autumn – albeit a slow slide. Don’t worry! There’s plenty of time for stand up paddling in sunny, summer weather though. Dawn sessions and sunset paddles are still the go for a while yet. But from a McConks brand point of view things don’t stop. They can’t stop. We need to grow, evolve and push on which is why we’re already prototyping new products and looking ahead to 2021.

We’ve been asked many times, as have other inflatable SUP brands, are we going to go down the hard SUP route? We’ve in fact already tested the water (so to speak) a while back with a race board and now we’re back at it with a windSUPs. Yep! You heard that right. Currently, we’re putting the finishing touches to a hard shell windSUP design that we’ll be testing as soon as it lands on UK shores.

For those not aware McConks owners, Andy and Jen, have a long and fruitful relationship with windsurfing. Back in the day, before SUP, it’s what we did (we still do from time to time); chasing forecasts for a blast on the brine. The synergy between windsurfing and stand up paddling has long been discussed and it still stands. These days you can also add wing surfing/wing foiling and that whole end of the spectrum as well. All these sports are now ever closer together, with blurred lines. It’s why we already sell relevant gear that straddles disciplines. We’ve even put together the ultimate windsurfing/windSUP/wing surfing/wing foiling guide that’s being constantly added to.

So what of our hard windSUP prototype? Well, with McConks being a brand that appeals to adventure/outdoor centres (as well as everyday SUPers) – as far as stand up paddle boarding goes – we thought we’d open up our range further to RYA recognised clubs and schools who run windsurfing courses – especially for kids. It’s a perfect match. Windsurf/windSUP when there’s breeze and if the gusts should drop simply switch to paddling mode to keep those juices flowing. It’s a years old concept so nothing new except for McConks potentially making this leap.

If you’re reading and you have an interest in windsurfing and are affiliated to a club then why not pass this info on. McConks would be happy to discuss how our gear would fit into your windsurf club/school environment so you’ll be ready for 2021’s season.

We should add that inflatable windsurf sails and child friendly boards are also linked to the above. McConks has the Go Inspire initiative that aims to give children (particularly those who wouldn’t normally get the chance) experience of being on the water. Give us a shout to chat all stuff wind.

On top of the windSUP thing we’re also looking at inflatable foil board options. This is an even newer area for us but one we’re also keen to explore. Foiling, as you may be aware, is the current on trend watersport discipline. You can SUP foil in waves, explore coastlines in downwind SUP foil mode and, of course, add a wing to make use of breezy days. The idea we’re looking at is having a foil track box and Tuttle box (so riders can accommodate all makes of hydrofoil) that sits flush with the board’s hull. This should make the foil have minimal movement when in use. Stay tuned on this one as it’s an exciting and innovative area.

We’re always tinkering, messing and tweaking with new ideas popping into our heads. Some we run with, some we don’t. Stay tuned for more developments moving forwards. And if you have any feedback related to our products then let us know.

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