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Polarised floating sunglasses

Sustainable protection that looks great

We wanted to develop a range of shades that really reflected (pun intended!) what McConks stands for:
– ethical
– sustainable
– robust
– feel great
– functional but look great

So we made them out of an inherently sustainable material – bamboo and or layered wood.

And the lenses are HD polarised and optimised for watersports.

To fulfil our ethical promise, we are working with a factory that meets our worker welfare and environmental requirements, and we are working with the charity Sightsavers to help improve peoples lives.

The UV400 lenses block 100% of the damaging ultraviolet rays, and the lens shading and polarity reduce eye fatigue, allowing you to have fun in the sun all day long.

It goes without saying that McConks gear meets all relevant international standards for UK, EU, US and Aus/NZ.

But we go beyond minimum international standards. The standards don’t have a standard for blue light transmittivity which is essential for protecting your eyes when on water. All of our polarised mirrored lenses have a blue wavelength transmissivity of <10%, and 0% transmittivity of all UV (Tsuv = 0%, Tsuva = 0%, Tsuvb = 0%). You can see an example of a lab lens test certificate here.

What’s so great about McConks shades?

  • The hinges are sprung so the glasses fit tight to your face. And they are superlight, so are really comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • The handmade wooden frames have been oil treated to increase the life of the glasses, and this keeps them looking good no matter how many times they get wet.
  • The HD polarised lenses are made from multilayered HD Tri Acetate Cellulose and treated with a scratch resistant coating so will protect your eyes and stand up to a tough outdoor lifestyle for years.
  • The glasses come wrapped in a soft case with a lens cleaner, inside a protective bamboo tube.
  • And most importantly, the glasses and the case float. No more lost sunnies!

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Doing our bit for sight

20% of the gross profit from our Sunglasses will be donated to –  a charity fighting for sight and disability rights across the world.  Did you know that 75% of sightloss across the world can be prevented?  Find out more about how purchasing McConks sunglasses can help save people’s sight here.