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McConks SUP user guide 101 awesome new look now live!

McConks SUP user guide and its new look are now live! Here at McConks we’re always looking to make things easier to find and get essential information and knowledge out there. It’s why we recently published the first issue of SUP + Adventure magazine which aims to further draw your attention to McConks SUP content but in a digital magazine format. You can find SUP + Adventure magazine – FREE to read – here.

McConks SUP user guide updates.

Adding further to this we’ve been beavering away in the background giving the McConks SUP user guide a going over. 

The SUP user guide is something we created a while back to help newbie paddle boarders get to grips with their new kit. Also, it’s designed to help fledging SUPers when taking their first paddle strokes. 

Discover the knowledge.

McConks’ SUP user guide remains on the website for those who discover and use it via traditional digital means (the internet). For people who digest things differently the user guide has been turned into another McConks digital publication.

Digital refresh.

Even if you’ve seen the website hosted McConks SUP user guide this spruced up magazine style version may allow you to discover info you may have missed previously. So it’s definitely worth a revisit. A lot of McConks’ blog posts are reference points so always good to go back and refresh your memory.

SUP safety as much as anything else.

We created the McConks SUP user guide as much about SUP safety as anything. Having knowledge – any kind and the right kind – prior to going afloat is essential. The more you know the less likely you’re going to get into trouble.

To read the updated and brand new look McConks SUP user guide click the image to the left. And don’t forget to check out McConks paddle boarding and adventure gear here in our online shop.

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