You are currently viewing McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: West Beachlands, Hayling Island, Hampshire.

McConks’ stand up paddle boarding bitesize travel guides: West Beachlands, Hayling Island, Hampshire.


West Beachlands, Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Spot type:

Open water, tidal beach.


Everything from smooth glassy water, to solid ground swell surfing conditions and super windy, choppy seas.


Strong tides, heavy shore dump at high water, big swells at times, strong rips at times, sea defences at high tide, other water users (kitesurfers, windsurfers).

Note: At time of writing the local authorities have removed a whole bunch of revetment sea defences along the foreshore. This has impacted parking significantly, as well as increased coastal erosion. This is forecasted to increase as the sea takes back the land. How this impacts conditions on the water remains to be seen. It could be to the benefit, at least as far as waves go. The issue, however, as more beach gets washed away will be access.


Easy access with a car park (paid) right next to the put in.

Popularity (1-10):



The iconic Inn On The Beach pub perches right on the water’s edge and offers stunning views out across the English Channel. It’s also a great place to grab a bite or post-SUP pint. For those looking to make an evening of it the Inn serves up restaurant style dining. Behind the IOTB is a café offering snacks, simple meals and refreshments. You’ll also find public toilets here (there aren’t any changing facilities though). For those wanting further board sliding action a fairly decent skate park lies to the east of the put in although this can get busy. And if you’re into golf there’s a public, par three golf course and renowned Links private club west towards Langstone Harbour.


Hayling Island, to many, is the home of windsurfing. The sport was invented here by Peter Chilvers and continues to draw large crowds on breezy low tide days. Kitesurfers are also abundant and of late Hayling has become a centre of excellence for SUP. Whether you want idyllic, glassy flat water paddling, open ocean downwinding, accessible SUP surfing or fun touring options it can all be found depending on the forecast – which is half the battle. Knowing, understanding and interpreting weather, wind and wave data for Hayling Beachlands is key to scoring the type of SUP conditions you’re after. Get it right and the stars align. Get it wrong, however, and your session of SUP could be a right off. Info is forthcoming, however, with a number of SUP brands being based on the island, SUP Mag UK’s headquarters is here, three large sailing clubs can offer advice and a plethora of paddlers reside and frequent Hayling all of whom will be happy to impart their valuable knowledge.

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