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Rachel and 17 other hardy paddlers are embarking on a SUP marathon today (Saturday 4th September) to raise money for the London Air Ambulance. This is a great cause, so if you’ve got some spare change in your digital wallet, please donate to support. And if you’re in the London area and want to support […]

In case you missed it – McConks on BBC’s Countryfile.

Did you see it? Stand up paddle boarding on Countryfile this Sunday just gone (November 24, 2020)? As an advert for SUP (and McConks we might add) it’s great to see mainstream media taking notice. And with the theme of ‘countryside healing’ – in light of current global events – we concur there’s no better […]

Happy Environmenstrual week!

It seems timely to start this article with a little story about a recent trip to Cardiff. Andy suggested it would be nice for he and I to go for a city paddle whilst the boys had a day out with his parents. Reader, he lied! It was quite a traumatic, unpleasant paddle, for me […]

Carolyn Smith’s Barford to Boston (Lincs) 32m SUP challenge nears…

Carolyn Smith and Phil May (from Yellowbelly SUP School), as we’ve talked about before, is planning on completing a mammoth stand up paddle board journey (in aid of charity) from Barford to Boston in Lincolnshire. Sept 28, 2020 marks the date when Carolyn and Phil are due to set off. Covering 32 miles this is […]

Bounce back (BIG) to SUP #2

Bounce back (BIG) to SUP #2 The BIG SUP bounce back is in full effect. Paddlers everywhere are preparing themselves for when beaches and waterways are available for stand up paddle boarding once again. We’re not suggesting everybody’s fully out of the woods just yet – as far as COVID-19 goes. There’s still a long […]