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NCW, North Coast Wetsuits, who are they?

North Coast Wetsuits (NCW) are based just outside of Cornish surfing town Polzeath. Why are we telling you about them? Because they’re the brand who’ve provided the awesome Long John wetsuit as part of the McConks Go Inspire SUP package we recently raffled off.

All NCW wetsuits and products are designed in the UK with Mark Graham, NCW’s boss man, being a stand up paddler himself. If you’re looking for some new SUP gear (they do other things besides wetsuits) then head over to their website. But we’ve been so impressed with the quality of their gear, and the ethics of the business, that we’re going to start recommending and selling NCW wetsuits via the McConks shop. So soon you’ll be able to find a range of their gear listed on the technical gear section of our shop!

Big thanks to NCW for getting involved with the McConks Go Inspire raffle! The final push where we added the wetsuit took us from under £1200 to over £1500, so massive kudos NCW!

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