McConks and The Kepplewray Project: working to get young people and hard to reach communities on the water.

McConks has always sought to give back. From some that may sound contrived but for us we’re genuine. McConks’ whole ethos is aligned this way, from the methods we employ on designing and sourcing equipment to how we go about getting this gear to you. But we’re always keen to do more. And those who we partner with, such as Kepplewray, are similar. With this in mind McConks will be donating a one off sum of £500, from the Go Inspire Foundation, to the Kepplewray Participation Inclusion Fund. Kepplewray are an outdoor activity/education centre who provide water and land based activity breaks to those who might not usually get the chance.

Nick Breton from Kepplewray said the following:

Launched in autumn 2020, the fund provides subsidies of 50-90% to allow groups of vulnerable, disadvantaged, disabled and minority ethnic young people to come to the Kepplewray Centre for vital outdoor activity breaks.  The whole fund of £25,000 has now been committed right through to early summer and will by then have helped over 600 young people, with so many more to help.  The fund was shortlisted in the Innovation category in today’s Cumbria Social Enterprise Awards.  

McConks’ previous charity work has been extensive, which you can see examples of here on the McConks Inspiring the Future Page.

We’ll also be running a raffle for the Go Inspire Foundation (similar to what we did in 2020) to raise further funds. Stay tuned for more details on the McConks SUP raffle. If you want more info about the board we intend to auction off then hit the following link.

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