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Bounce back (BIG) to SUP #2

Bounce back (BIG) to SUP #2

The BIG SUP bounce back is in full effect. Paddlers everywhere are preparing themselves for when beaches and waterways are available for stand up paddle boarding once again. We’re not suggesting everybody’s fully out of the woods just yet – as far as COVID-19 goes. There’s still a long way to go in terms of a vaccine and a return to ways of life that once were normal (minus all the bad elements we hope). But following developments closely, and seeing how other countries are operating – particularly those who’ve managed the outbreak well – we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s no question: when we’re allowed to bounce back to SUP properly we’ll have to do so in a different way – change, after all, can sometimes be a good thing. Stand up will become more solitary, with perhaps only a couple of fellow paddlers in the mix during your session (at least in the short term). Social distancing, even when afloat, will still need to be kept. And that’s OK, as long as we all have in mind best safety practises.

If you’re looking forwards to being back on a stand up paddle board then make sure you’re starting to get in a routine for the BIG bounce back. We said in our previous bounce back article about being in shape for the green light. And to reiterate about your SUP gear: check it over; make sure everything’s in good working order; if something needs sorting then do so. Here at McConks SUP we have everything you need to either repair or replace.

So come on, let’s stay positive, stay at home for now but equally ready yourselves for bouncing back to SUP (in a BIG way), soon!

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