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Go Inspire raffle success! Now’s your chance to make a difference – apply now…

Giving something back, via what we know at McConks – stand up paddle boarding (in case you missed that!) – is a top priority and passion of ours. If you haven’t already heard about our charitable Go Inspire Foundation, then where have you been?

But suffice to say that we’re humbled, stoked and overwhelmed following the success of our recent Go Inspire SUP raffle. Over 200 people donated over £1,500 in total. If you were one of them, or even if you just shared and liked our posts, MASSIVE thank you from Team McConks. But now’s the time to do good stuff with the money raised…

We’re offering the chance to any stand up paddle boarding business/venture/charity to apply for up to £500 of the Go Inspire cash. But we want you to use it in a way that benefits others. Particularly those who are normally excluded from our wonderful world of SUP, and who wouldn’t otherwise get the positive benefits of paddleboarding.

Stand up paddling has huge ‘wellness’ benefits (much like surfing, of which the positives have been widely broadcast). Positive endorphins are generated by being on the water. There are also the rehabilitation properties stand up can offer. Simply put: SUP can deliver a raft of health – physical and mental – plus points for all of us.

So are you doing great work with SUP as your tool of choice? Do you need some additional funding to help get your initiative off the ground or boost it to the next level? We appreciate McConks isn’t a huge institution like the National Lottery where hefty cash grants are awarded. But likewise, we know every little helps, so the saying goes, and we’re keen to do our bit. And by keeping the application for funding simple and short (unlike the National Lottery!), we’re hoping we can see this money be put to good use quickly and without signficant form filling!

Applications are now open to anybody needing a helping hand. If you fit the criteria (see below) then give us a shout at to check eligibility.

From the £1,500 raised you can apply for up to £500. We’ll shortlist the applicants who will go through to a public vote where three winners will be selected. If you’re aim is getting vulnerable kids, disadvantaged youths or those less able on the water, for instance, give us a shout now to be in with a chance of getting your share. Entry is open until Fri 26th March 2021. Grants will be made by the start of May 2021. You can bid multiple times.

Indicative criteria for eligibility

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Use these criteria for guidance. But if you feel unfairly excluded by these criteria, but have a great idea of meeting our overall objectives, then please apply anyway!

  • You are a charity or not for profit business committed to using stand up paddle boarding as ‘vehicle’ for helping others.


  • You are a freelance instructor or micro-entity limited company committed to using stand up paddle boarding as ‘vehicle’ for helping others.


  • Sustainability and ethics are at the core of your set up.
  • You will use the funding entirely to support at least one of the following objectives:
  • increasing the amount of provision (lessons, sessions etc) you make for one of more of the following groups – disadvantaged children and families, vulnerable children and families, disabled/less abled individuals, under-represented groups (BAME)
  • improving your facilities to make it easier to provide for any of the target groups
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