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SUP 2021: the year of stand up paddle boarding safety awareness (we can’t afford not to).

With more stand up paddle boarders than ever before – many with little to no prior water experience – 2021 will be important in terms of SUP safety and education. After a number of unfortunate incidents this year the need for SUP safety awareness has never been higher. Everything from SUP leashes (and the type to use when and where) to understanding weather and tides, plus everything else in between, are topics needing to be covered.

Moving towards next year’s season of SUP, that potentially looks like being another popular one for paddle propelled craft, we’re aiming to tick off a whole bunch of SUP safety topics aimed at helping guide newbie paddlers in the right direction. We have a whole list of article ideas that’ll be appearing on in the McConks Knowledge section. We feel we need to do our part as a stand up paddle boarding brand and provide paddling guidance. Whereas others would just be happy to flog your their gear, and say ‘off you go’, this isn’t our style.

Stay tuned for more SUP safety articles appearing soon. And if you have any questions about this or other aspects of stand up paddle boarding then please get in touch. (You can see some of the articles we’ve published to date by clicking on the image below).

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