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SUP safety – how do we make things better? Have your say.

SUP safety, as many who follow McConks will already know – is a big focus of ours. There have been far too many accidents happen over the past couple of years that may have been preventable. The issue, however, is how to go about getting the necessary information out there?

Earlier in the year, McConks began an initiative to help promote SUP safety. With every MCConks board sale, we will subsidise lessons to help raise awareness and improve newbie paddler’s knowledge from the get go. We’ve also tried to put out various articles on this very blog to help give riders the information they need. But it’s still not enough. There are still accidents happening as has been the case very recently.

SUP Hub UK through the question out to Facebook users in the SUP hacks – paddleboard advice UK, Ireland and Europe to see what the wider paddling fraternity think. There are no right or wrong answers. And McConks, as well as other SUP brands, are definitely open to suggestions. Good ideas and ways of doing things are always welcome. You can follow the thread and leave your comment via the link below –

Bottom line is we need to better educate new stand up paddle boarders and help all riders along the way. Being SUP safe is extremely important. Paddle boarding might be an accessible activity but it still has risks attached that can sometimes lead to tragedy. Let us know what you think or head over to the Facebook post above and comment there.

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