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SUP safety – a unified message. P.L.O.T your paddle.

SUP safety is extremely important. With UK summer holidays now fully underway the necessary promotion of safety is, even more, a top priority. Following recent meetings between some brands and ‘faces’ within the SUP industry, an agreement was made to unify and become one voice as far as paddle board safety is concerned. This is great news for all paddlers as it means the same information can be shared with hopefully fewer incidents on the water.

SUP safety – P.L.O.T your paddle.

If you missed this via McConks’ social media channels then the P.L.O.T your paddle campaign is one to take note of. Standing for the following –

P – personal floatation device.

L – leash.

O – offshore winds and obstructions.

T – telephone.

For more paddle boarding safety advice check out the following link –

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