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Summer outdoor adventures – 7 marvellous escapes to discover.

Summer outdoor adventures are what all lovers of nature and the wilds yearn for. As an outdoor type, you’ll hate being cooped up when Mother Nature’s not playing ball. But summertime is different. There’s more chance to get out and ‘play’ with your family and friends. Here are 7 summer escapes to consider this high […]

McConks change robes – new in and minus the hefty price tag!

McConks change robes have perhaps been a long time coming. We’ve dabbled in the past, even going so far as to test a bunch of prototypes. There are even a limited number of older McConks change robes being used at present. But this is the first time we’ve gone the whole hog and introduced change […]

Outdoor adventures in the rain – 5 fun family things to do in the wet.

Outdoor adventures can be had at any time of year and with any type of weather. At the time of writing, there’s a lot of rain sluicing down across the UK. And whilst this may put some people off heading outdoors there’s always a fun way to enjoy the conditions. You just have to be […]

Not another Black Friday post

Seriously, this isn’t actually another Black Friday post. But we do want to tell you how you can: 1. Save hundreds of pounds on a brand new top of the range paddleboard (and get a new paddleboard package worth over £600 at the start of the year for as little as £350) 2. Get a […]

McConks One Way road trip x Barry Hughes paddlesports

Inflatable paddle boards - so what really is the best technology?

Lots of paddleboard manufacturers say that safety is in their DNA. Or that safety is at the heart of what they do. Most of them say it just to sell you a paddleboard from our experience. Outside of a few brands there’s very little evidence that they actually mean it. Very few of them do […]

The one way of life road trip | SUP4 x McConks

Inflatable paddle boards - how do I choose the best 1 for me?

A few months back, we sent some of our friends on a road trip to some of our partners and friends, to shoot some content and have some fun. We chose people and companies who are passionate about paddleboarding, who are in it for the long haul, and who, generally, share the same principles as […]

McConks Grand Tourer (GT) 2024 – the ultimate touring board

We’re beyond excited about our new range of touring boards for 2024. We’ve known we were going to be totally revising our inflatable range in 2024 for a couple of years now, so they’ve been a long time in the making. And we’ve been taking feedback about possible improvements from our coaches, guides and instructors […]

Important notice about maximum inflation pressure for McConks paddle boards

McConks paddleboards | Made for Adventure | Built to last

We’ve been contacted by a number of customers who have noticed that some brands have been reducing their maximum pressure guarantee, and have been asking if we’re going to be doing the same. We can confidently state that we WILL NOT be changing our pressure guarantees or recommendations. All of our boards currently available to […]

McConks on the box – paddle boarding in Skye.

McConks on the box (TV)! Well that was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t know this had even been filmed, but it was fantastic to see our paddle boards being used in a BBC programme – BBC2’s Take a Hike. McConks converts. And we’re now converted to this programme as well – we’ll be going back […]

We don’t do Black Friday, but…

Black friday

…it’s tough this year isn’t it? But we do have some great initiatives, changes and offers to share if you read on. What’s going on with 2022 eh? Interest rates going up, energy bills through the roof, food price inflation higher than it has been for decades, and all this while pay rises are in […]

Wing skating – learning to one wheel wing with James Dunstone.

Wing skating learning with James Dunstone

Wing skating is something we’ve talked about for a while. If you follow McConks on Instagram you may have seen a post we published a while back showing James Dunstone getting used to the McConks Go Fly wing on land. For anyone looking to learn the ways of the wing this is the best course […]

Soundtrack to our lives | There’s only one way of life

Back in the winter, we spoke to the legends that are The Levellers about using the track ‘There’s only one way of life’ as the backing track to a video we had in mind, promoting the fun and happy side of paddelboarding. We were so sick of seeing the same old paddleboard videos – pretty, […]

McConks Onewheel review

McConks Onewheel video review – easy to ride and good for your mental health Tom Craven asked to borrow one of our skatewheels a few weeks back. He’s a videographer and wanted to produce some content, and fancied having a go on one of our trotter self balancing skatewheels – our equivalent to the US […]

McConks’ bitesize international SUP travel guides: Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

Location: Dahab, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Spot type: Semi-sheltered, open water, Red Sea destination. Conditions: Dahab occupies a south facing location that sits in the lee of the Red Sea’s prevailing wind, blowing from the north. A shallow area in front of the main beach gives downwind access to another spit of land. On the downwind […]

Thinking of starting a SUP business in 2022? Here’s the McConks take.

Thinking of starting a SUP business in 2022? Here's the McConks take.

SUP’s recent boom time has seen a resurgence of interest in stand up paddle boarding as a viable business opportunity. More specifically starting a SUP brand. And even more granular: starting a SUP brand dedicated to inflatable stand up paddle boards. It’s not hard to see why iSUPs, from a business point of view, make […]

Merry Christmas from McConks

The big day has landed (how quickly has it come around? It only feels like yesterday we were paddling in warm sunshine and toasty water!?!), so we just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a very happy few days. It’s been another tough year for many, and not everyone is able to […]

Outdoor adventure equipment – the adventurer hot drink break bundle

SIngle hammock relaxation bliss

We all know that getting outdoors is good for our mental and physical health. And that’s even more true in the winter months than the summer months. But sometimes, when it’s cold, wet and windy, when it’s gloomy, it’s hard to persuade our bodies that getting outside is the thing we really want to do. […]

Christmas SUP gifts McConks style.

Christmas SUP gifts

Christmas SUP gifts can be anything applicable to the stand up paddler in your life. And there’s a lot of Christmas gift ideas (and lists) knocking about the internet at this time of year. Here at McConks we’re all about sustainability though – as many of you will know. We try our utmost to stick […]

What a day that was! McConks Lake 32 SUPtacular

Well what a great day we had.  The sun shone, the wind blew, coffee was drunk, baked potatoes were eaten, boards were paddled, and there were smiles all round.  Thanks to everyone who made it such an amazing day and particularly those who travelled long distances to come to see us.  We’ve never seen so many […]

Winter SUPtacular with Lake 32 | Freeze the day | November 21st

Freeze The Day

As you probably know, at McConks, we’re all about making the most of the weather. And the same is definitely true with our friends at Lake 32. There’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong gear. As family McConks, we refill our mental health jar with time outdoors whenever and wherever we […]

SUP4 the lifesavers

stand up paddle boarding travel in style

Rachel and 17 other hardy paddlers are embarking on a SUP marathon today (Saturday 4th September) to raise money for the London Air Ambulance. This is a great cause, so if you’ve got some spare change in your digital wallet, please donate to support. And if you’re in the London area and want to support […]

Breezy views – overcoming windsurfing’s difficulties and getting involved.

Windsurfing is such a difficult sport to fall in love with – fiddly component parts, tricky technique (dictated to in large part by Mother Nature) and an ever fluctuating set of conditions just compounds the problem. Those deciding to learn at home, rather than sunny, warm and consistently breezy overseas destinations (which is also currently […]

Plastic SUPs and climate change | The elephant in the room

Did anyone else see the Greta Thonberg documentary this week? Thought provoking, and yet again makes us deeply question what we do at McConks. Is making plastic SUPs sustainable? The science is 100% clear, and has been clear for decades. We need to change our behaviours to mitigate the worst ravages of climate change. Technology […]

Fly McConks Skatewheel dog walking – how do you think that went?

Ever keen to check out and assess new ways of doing things we decided to send Mrs McConks (Jen) off with the dog to see if walking our pooch from aboard the Fly McConks Skatewheel would work. Needless to say you can see the results from the Facebook vid below. What unique methods do you […]

Counterpoint | fires and marshmallows

by Andy Butcher 2020 was the year when things changed in so many ways. Previous pandemics in recent years died out fairly quickly but as I am writing this, at the beginning of 2021, Coronavirus is more virulent than ever. This however is not about the virus but about the pandemic of bad behaviour we […]

In case you missed it – McConks on BBC’s Countryfile.

Did you see it? Stand up paddle boarding on Countryfile this Sunday just gone (November 24, 2020)? As an advert for SUP (and McConks we might add) it’s great to see mainstream media taking notice. And with the theme of ‘countryside healing’ – in light of current global events – we concur there’s no better […]

Happy Environmenstrual week!

It seems timely to start this article with a little story about a recent trip to Cardiff. Andy suggested it would be nice for he and I to go for a city paddle whilst the boys had a day out with his parents. Reader, he lied! It was quite a traumatic, unpleasant paddle, for me […]

Sunrise SUPin’ – autumn/winter style…

Dragging the kids out of bed at dawn’s crack, to get on the SUP train for sunrise is made all the more worth it when you get a new day start like the one Team Fam McConks recently experienced. There’re no two ways about it: the weather’s closing in, days are getting shorter and the […]

Keep ya head up! – stand up paddle boarding’s ‘magic trick’.

Gazing down into the depths from atop your stand up paddle board and observing the bottom is common practise among all paddlers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re piloting inland waterways or coastal, the instinct to look down is natural. Yet stand up paddle boarding’s biggest ‘trick’ is being able to keep your head up. There’re […]

SUP hacks | attaching your leash

Another child’s play video. Thanks to our Mini McConks for recording this. It might not be as helpful as you’d like, being recorded by an 8 year old. If you need any further instruction, message us!

Controlling your breath underwater | Breathe like a dolphin

World Ocean day for schools If you’re one of the very many people a little fed up of home schooling, and your kids like the ocean, this is a winner! A whole day of events planned for 08 June 2020, from rockpool rambles, to environmental awareness sessions with the Marine Conservation Society, to live Q&A […]

All inflatable SUPs are the same aren’t they?

“All inflatable SUPs are the same aren’t they?” That’s something we hear quite a lot. Another one is “All iSUPs are made in the same factory aren’t they?” Well, let us take you on a little journey… Back in 2018, when we started making SUP apparel, we thought that one organic fairtrade cotton tee was […]

Trees for life, carbon neutrality and rewilding

GoBeyond – trees4sup As part of our #GoBeyond initiative, in 2019 we made ourselves a commitment to do more to support rewilding initiatives, and to move towards carbon neutrality. And then we found out about the rewilding charity #treesforlife. And decided that we could probably combine the two commitments! We can’t make any bold claims […]

Rewilding forests can’t be done on the cheap

Planting a tree in the right place

Ever since McConks started investigating rewilding and tree planting back in early 2019, we’ve been concerned about the long term sustainability of some tree planting schemes. We know from our work with organisations like the Woodland Trust that planting a seed can cost as little as £0.10, but that growing a seed into a viable […]

What is SUP? This is SUP!

What is SUP? This is SUP! When you look at most paddleboarding content on webpages and social media, you might be forgiven for thinking that SUP is just for young, slim, pretty people, who also happen to be cool and hip. But paddleboarding is about so much more than that. SUP is, for many people […]

Paddleboarding with disabilities

What’s your excuse? It’s very easy to get caught up in reasons not to do something. Especially if you’re feeling a little low, a little less than your normal self. Too cold? Too wet? Not feeling it? Don’t think you’re good enough? All easy reasons to decide not to get on the water. Well hopefully, […]

Cleanliness is next to unleakiness

Cleanliness is next to unleakiness If you’re looking for top quality, bombproof SUP without any airbubbles or imperfections, a clean  factory is a good place to start. The video at the bottom of this post was taken today of our McConks boards in production by our quality assessor. Things to notice: The floor is lined. […]

All about SUP River fins

Focus on iSUP fins

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Hero_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Demystifying the fin thing We put together a blog article last year to demystify paddleboard fins.  We tried to turn all of the jargon into a short, simple article that anyone can understand, even if you don’t have a degree in fluid mechanics. Since then we’ve been contacted by lots of people asking for […]

Adjustable or fixed SUP paddles?

McConks 100% carbon SUP paddle

Fixed or adjustable SUP paddles. What SUP paddle do you need? Are you wondering about whether you need a fixed or an adjustable paddleboard paddle?   Do you struggle to understand the performance differences between 1 , 2 and 3 piece SUP paddles?  Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone.  But fret not, this article will hopefully […]