Foiling continues to grab attentions with plenty of media given over to the various disciplines of flight. Attaching a hydrofoil to a board and using various power sources – from wind, to paddles, batteries and waves – to induce lift and levitate above the water more akin to a magic trick for the uninitiated. But it’s a simple case of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics rather than illusion.

Those who follow McConks blog will be aware of our electric hydrofoil dabblings. And if you check the McConks shop you’ll note the we currently sell a variety of wing foil/SUP wings – the Go Fly. We appreciate that not everyone gets foiling though. If you’re new to stand up paddle boarding then it mightn’t even be on your radar. With this in mind we’ve grouped together all the existing foiling articles below so you can easily find them. Moving forwards we’ll be adding more hydrofoiling content to help guide anyone looking to get involved in the ways of flight. As always, if you have any questions then let us know.