eFoil testing video – just how powerful is the eFoil propeller?

Some of you may already know we’re testing and electric hydrofoil set up. We’re still not convinced this is the right direction to go but curiosity got the better of us and we’re now in the thick of it. For some electric hydrofoils are a great way to make use of the water, in modern fashion, when you don’t have a ready supply of waves and/or breeze to power you along into flight mode. And with many of these eFoil boards being hybrid SUP board designs there’s synergy. For others, however, they may just be a nuisance and detract from the purer parts of stand up paddling. Either way we’re intrigued.

If you’ve never seen an eFoil then check out the video below. This is how the propeller looks when powered up on land – make sure you turn the volume up. As you can see it’s got a lot of oomph! Stay tuned to see how we get on with further eFoil testing.

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