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First flights – electric hydrofoil board prototype testing.

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We’ve already alluded to this in previous posts but being a watersports brand we get a lot of opportunities come our way – some that fall by the wayside (for various reasons) and others that we readily jump at. This is one of those that we’ve jumped at, more out of curiosity than anything.

To be honest we’re still on the fence when it comes to electrically powered watersports craft – in this case an electric hydrofoil stand up paddle board (e-foil for short). It doesn’t really fit with McConks’ sustainability and environmentally conscious ethos. But, as we say, we’re curious. And we said we’d test it for one of McConks’ suppliers and give some feedback.

There’s a lot of chat about foils currently. Wing foil, SUP foil, surf foil, wind foil and kite foil. Then there are e-foil brands suggesting enough of a market and interest for electric hydrofoils to be viable. Is this actually the case? We’re not sure. Toys like these carry a fairly hefty price tag…But then if you take e-bikes as an example, with some being comparable in price, it seems (some) people may be willing to stump up. Maybe that’d be the same for an electric hydrofoil?

Whatever the case we’re keen to see how it performs on the water. Is it just one step away from a jetski? OR is there bona fide fun to be had and it fit as a complimentary toy in our/your quiver. Stay tuned to find out what we think.

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