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eSkate wingin’ – electric one wheel wingsurfing on land.

eSkate products are something McConks has dabbled with the past few years. Our Skatewheel, electric one wheel hoverboard is super fun and a unique way of riding on land. Wing foiling is another area we’ve messed about with. The McConks Go Fly wing has been well liked by those who’ve used it to fly above water.

It’s all about the fun factor and both products deliver on that promise. So what happens if you combine the two? Pairing up the McConks one wheel Skatewheel and 6m Go Fly wing is surely double bubble? We set about finding out…

eSkate wingsurfing on land – why would you?

We mentioned the word ‘fun’ above. It’s worth stopping to consider that the overriding reason to do all this stuff (stand up paddling included) is because of fun. If it’s not there’s no point. So first and foremost the eSkate wingin’ experiment was born of wanting to have some additional fun in the face of no real wind being available, cold sea temperatures and low thermometer readings. Fortunately, during the session, that orange ball of fire was brightening the sky. And though chilly, we soon warmed up with all that physical activity.

Another reason to use the Go Fly and Skatewheel in tandem is being able to practice and dial in wingsurfing muscle memory skills. All too often we see first time wingers getting frustrated on the water. Having never flown a wing it’s a new discipline to master and that takes time. Nailing down that all important wing handling on land is a worthwhile exercise. And with proper breeze missing in action having some form of electrical assist isn’t a bad idea.

Intuitive eSkate handling – just like foiling!

The beauty of McConks’ one wheel Skatewheel (when compared to foiling on water) is its balance point. Just like foiling riders pivot and from one fixed fulcrum. Subtle bodyweight changes shift the board forwards and back thereby helping to develop board trim muscle memory. Just as when wing foiling.

Having some speed also creates apparent wind in the wing (click here to learn about apparent wind and how that’s beneficial). This gives pressure in the wing’s canopy and makes it feel like ‘real’ riding. And it’s that ‘real’ feel that help pilots develop their wing handling skills in tandem with board handling. You can also practice transitions – such as wing tacks and gybes – due to the Skatewheel’s carving nature. This also benefits riders when they get back on the water.

A few safety points to consider.

We’ll not lie. Any type of Terra Firma sliding involves hard surfaces. If you wipeout then, unlike water, it’ll be a lot harsher in the fall. Skaters of any kind may be best wearing a helmet and pads should you stack it.

The McConks Skatewheel is easy to ride. It only takes a few minutes to get to grips with its unique handling characteristics. But we’d suggest spending some time with just the board – across different terrain and conditions – before adding the wing. And when you do keep the body armor and lid in place.

On the cruise – eSkate wingin’ style.

Having a few whirls and twirls of the Go Fly wing in a static, low wind scenario will also give some familiarity to how it behaves. Then pair with the Sktewheel and go!

Don’t head for nuking conditions. You only need a few knots. And don’t aim to break the sound barrier. That’s not the point. Keep things slow and gentle. And make sure you’re not close to anyone else. Give yourself (and others) plenty of room to make mistakes. Also, wear a wing leash as you would on the water.

Check out the product links for both the Skatewheel and Go Fly wing below.

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