Winter’s for white water! – McConks river SUP toys to make the most of it.

Any river rat, white water runner or huck monster knows winter’s the best time of year for scoring big flow lines and ending your stand up paddle sesh with a huge grin. Whilst white water SUP is still relatively under the radar there’s no question how much fun chasing rapids, weirs and drops can be. And actually it doesn’t need to be as gnarly/hardcore as that makes out. Even mellow white water can be super fulfilling.

So why is the off season best for this kind of stand up paddle boarding? Well, simply put, it rains more in winter. And it’s said rain that fills up your local river and gets those hydraulics working. (As we’ve said before SUPing in the rain is definitely applicable, and this proves it). In summer water levels tend to drop significantly, to the point you’d most likely be scraping the bottom should you attempt a line. But as we head into November proper the heavens will open (in fact, they already have if you take the recent October half term as evidence) and pretty soon it’ll be sluicing down those geological scars in the land, swelling to deeper levels, in turn enticing any white water aficionado into the action.

McConks identified the need for specific white water SUP gear early on. Many McConks fans come from river running backgrounds. And we ourselves (Family McConks) live close to river put ins, as many will be aware. We therefore created a raft of SUP equipment to cater for all white water tastes. From freestyle, trickster platforms, to river touring boards; if you have an urge to go with the flow (sorry!) then chances are we have SUP equipment to suit your needs.

Currently in stock (as of Nov 3, 2020) are the following –

Go Skate 7’2 river surf SUPAVAILIN STOCK3
Go Wild 9’3 Whitewater SUPAVAILIN STOCK4
Go Wild 9’8 | beginner whitewater SUPAVAILIN STOCK2
9’8 Go Free 2020 crossover wingsurf/surf boardAVAILIN STOCK12
Go Surf 9’2 children’s inflatable SUPAVAILIN STOCK1
Go Anywhere 10’8 inflatable SUPAVAILIN STOCK3
Go Race 12’6 inflatable race boardAVAILIN STOCK7
14 Go Further adventure and touring SUPAVAILIN STOCK3

Of course, we should add that many of teh above products aren’t just applicable to white water scenarios. You’ll find plenty of versatility with McConks gear. If you’re unsure of what t choose then give McConks HQ a shout to discuss your requirements.

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