Winter SUP travel – get gone this off season.

Winter isn’t too far away (groan). With autumn winds currently howling and rain lashing the picture’s a gloomy one. Especially after the summer we’ve just enjoyed in the UK. In recent years the onset of darker months has been more depressing than usual (for some) with not being to travel due to COVID restrictions. But that’s not a thing now…

Overseas SUP travel.

An easy way to revitalise, refresh and motivate is to get gone abroad. And it’s never been easier to travel with your SUP gear. Inflatables have made it super easy. Packing neatly away into an easily transportable bag makes getting gear on a plane, train or ferry a doddle. Much more than with a hard board. Although that’s doable too.

Winter SUP travel
Flat water SUP, somewhere warm? The kind of thing you can score by heading off fora winter paddling trip.

There are so many options for winter SUP travel depending what kind of paddling you’re after. Whether a recreational rider or hardcore river runner a global location is waiting for your arrival.

Winter = depressing?

Winter isn’t always doom and gloom. For sure, there are days when it feels like the rain won’t stop and wind keeps puffing. But there’s always respite. We even get periods where you’re not forced to crack the ice before going afloat. But actually, some of those still and frosty days can be sublime for a spot of SUP. If you haven’t tried it then we thoroughly recommend this. Wear the correct SUP clothing and you’ll be fine.

As much as we’re positive about winter paddle boarding we also appreciate how joyous it is to fall off your board into bath warm water. Or at least not have to worry about hypothermia setting in! An overseas SUP trip (if you head somewhere warm) will certainly tick those happy vibe boxes.

Winter SUP travel somewhere cold?

That heading may cause a stutter. Who wants to head off for a SUP holiday where it’s even colder than home? You’d be surprised though, some do. And at the right location this choice can be more fulfilling than a tropical paddling destination. Some riders just don’t care for heat. A good many would rather be cooler, paddling with snow for company.

Swedish winter stand up paddle boarding with Chris Jones. #9
The right cold weather winter SUP holiday destination can be just as rewarding as somewhere warm.

Cold winter SUP destinations don’t have to mean horrendous weather. Choose the right spot and you’ll be on for some awesome winter paddling. There’s plenty of info online. Speaking of which…

The updated McConks places to paddle page has lots of ideas and inspiration for winter SUP holidays. We’re constantly adding to it so keep your eyes peeled. Whatever style of paddle boarder you are we’re sure you’ll find a spot that pricks your interest. Be sure to zoom out to see the full set of location pins. Then just click on one, be inspired and get gone this winter.

You can find the McConks places to paddle page here.

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