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Double action pump - 25 psi

A basic, but perfectly formed pump.

Triple Action pump - 25PSI

Inflation station - inflate you board with ease

Carbon 10 standard paddle

Our standard paddle. Better than most packaged paddles, and a perfect entry level paddle

Upgraded three piece fibreglass/carbon paddle

Perfect for beginners and intermediates who want a cost effective way to get a better performance and lighter paddle

McConks three piece travel race / touring 100% carbon SUP paddle

McConks race SUP paddles - do you want to faster, or longer?

McConks race paddles have been designed with the perfect dihedral and shape to improve efficiency across all five phases of the paddle stroke. And with a scratch resistant matte finish, they'll look as good as they perform.

You won't find a better performance package (including heavy duty protective paddle bag) at a better price!

Panda quick release belt

Provided as standard with all all round and touring boards. We care about your safety

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McConks Go Anywhere 10’6i inflatable all round paddle board | preorder for May 2024

From: Original price was: £540.99.Current price is: £425.00.


Your ultimate paddle board partner for any adventure.


Paddle board stability, manoeuvrability, and ease-of-use – is this what you’re after? Of course it is! Look no further than our Go Anywhere 10’6″!

Our Go Anywhere range has won its place in the hearts of many coaches and paddleboard schools around the UK, with a design that has set the standard for all-around performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you’ll love the versatility and functionality of this exceptional paddleboard. With a weight limit of up to 120kg, it’s the perfect choice for riders of all skill levels and sizes.

Stand out paddle board features

One of the standout features of the Go Anywhere 10’8″i is its machine woven dropstitch, fabric, which is acknowledged across the industry to be the most premium quality available.

Thanks to its high-density drop-stitch technology, this board is lighter yet stiffer than most other paddleboards on the market, offering a reassuringly rigid feel.

And with high-end fittings and accessories, you can trust that this board will stand up to years of use.

BIG discounts!

Available to preorder at a massive discount now, ready for delivery before Easter 2024. If you’re desperate to get a new paddle board before then check our stock of the 2023 Go Anywhere boards in our clearance sale here.

Made for adventure and built to last, our boards are covered with a rock solid no-quibble 5 year warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment will be protected for years to come.

Whether you’re hitting the water for a leisurely paddle or an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, the McConks Go Anywhere 10’6i is your ultimate companion for any paddling excursion.

Who is this paddle board for?

If you’re a beginner wanting a very stable board to learn on, that is still fun and will allow to try different environments, whilst still having the quality and glide for you to progress, this is the board for you.

If you’re a family of smaller paddlers wanting a general purpose super stable yet fun board for everyone of all ages and heights to use, this is the board for you.

If you’re a larger paddler wanting to push the boundaries of paddle surfing on an inflatable paddle board, this is the board for you.

Paddle board specifications

Board Length   10’6    315cm

Board Width     32″   80cm

Board Depth     5″  12.5cm

Board Volume  225l

Board weight   9kg

Board carrying capacity   150kg

Board storage   6 x nose D ring storage , 4 x tail d-ring storage.  6mm diameter shockcord with quick release clips.

Board nose type Planing nose

Board tail release Low profile hard edge Rail for 30% of tail of board. Significantly improves trim and efficiency over boards without a tail release

Bag size  100cm x 40cm x 40cm.

Bag volume  180l

Fins   2+1 fin system. Side fins toe in to improve paddle surfing. Centre fin is a full length US box in two pars to allow the board to rolled more easily.

The 2 x side fin boxes are low profile click fit with 4 x FCS grub screw. The 2+1 fin arrangement allows you to ride single fin, twin fin or 3 x fins to cover all environments from deep water to shallow rivers.

Deckpad 5mm thick EVA formed from different colour sections.  This makes the deckpads more resistant to fading and visible damage from scratching compared to cheaper printed one piece deckpads.

Paddle options  

Choose from our standard carbon 10 paddle (indestructible nylon blade, 10% carbon composite 3 piece shaft), our fibreglass honeycomb carbon 30%, (0% carbon composite 3 piece shaft), or our 100% carbon elite 3 piece paddle

Complete package weight (Board + Bag + fins + leash + QR belt + repair kit)  16.6kg

Max pressure 28PSI

Recommended Operating Pressure 15-20PSI

Device mounts  1 x M8 threads compatible with the full range of RAM Mounts accessories.  Adaptors available to convert to M6 and 1/4-20 (ISO standard tripod thread)

Kayak conversion attachment  Yes. 4 x marine grade stainless steel d rings to attach kayak seats, and multiple D rings to allow ankle or foot brace to be attached

Paddle board sustainability and ethics

At McConks, paddle board sustainability and ethics aren’t just marketing hype.  They’re at the very heart of everything we stand for.  As a family of two environmental scientists and two young eco activists, we haven’t flown on holidays for over 5 years. So we practice what we preach as a family, as a well as a company.

We know the environmental cost of plastic, so wherever possible we remove plastic from our supply chain.  Where we still need to use plastic, we try to only use reclaimed or recycled plastic.  But when it comes to the material for our boards, only virgin plastic is good enough to make the boards strong enough and durable enough to last for at least as long as their five year warranty.

And our very low warranty rate is proof of the pudding.  All of our products are packaged plastic free.

We maintain a well stocked repair shop, where everything from valves, bungees, fin boxes, paddle clasps and a whole lot more, can be purchased to keep your board going for as long as possible.


New for 2024, we are also offering a free MOT with SUP services in the third year of your boards’ life to make sure everything is performing as it should be.

All good things must, eventually, come to an end.  And at the end of a boards life, all of our board fittings are fully recoverable.  Sadly, the boards themselves aren’t recoverable because they contain a mix of materials.

However, even if you don’t think you can repair your board, we’re sure that it can be repaired enough for a second life with a charitable cause.  So we offer a FREE END OF LIFE recovery, where if you ship the board to us, we will do everything we possibly can to keep that board in use.

Find out more about our sustainability and ethics here.

Premium paddle board technology at the right price

We don’t talk marketing BS.  We just make the best paddle board inflatables, with the right material, that does the least damage to the environment, at the best price.  Find out more here.

If you find a cheaper board of a similar specification, then we can 100% guarantee that something has been compromised along the way.

Whether this be less effort spent in designing, poorer specified fittings (such as handles that detach or deckpads that lift), cheaper accessories, or, as is often the case, lower quality drop stitch and/or poor Quality Assurance (QA),  what you end with is a board that either is lower performance, or that simply doesn’t last as long.

As we keep saying, our boards really are made for adventure and built to last. You don’t see many other brands boards still being used in a commercial setting five years down the line!

Drop stitch material – we only use the very best, industry leading machine X Woven double skin fusion drop stitch across our entire range.  The same base material as Starboard, Gladiator Elite and a very small number of other brands.  This really is the best compromise between paddleboard stability and paddle board weight.

Rail technology – again, only the very best.  We join our drop stitch material together at the rail, then cover with one rail piece, and a second rail piece.  We use heat weld technology on all seams.

Handles – all of our handles are rated for 75kg of load.

D rings – all of our D-rings are rated for 75kg of load, and made from marine grade stainless steel.


How to store your board 

To keep your board looking it’s best and to prevent the risk of transfer of invasive species, you should always rinse and dry all equipment before storing.

This also applies when moving from one waterbody to another. When packing away your board, lay it deck-up, place the pump across the nose, roll tightly, and secure with the strap.

If storing it rolled up, avoid putting excess pressure on the straps and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and frost.

It’s best to store the pump separately if possible. Alternatively, you can leave your board inflated, making sure it’s on a flat surface.

For any questions contact


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Type of paddling

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Combined carrying capacity / weight

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Double action pump - 25 psi

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 70 cm

Triple Action pump - 25PSI

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Package upgrade, pump only

Carbon 10 standard paddle

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 10 cm


Combined carrying capacity / weight

Type of paddling

, , , , ,

Type of paddle

McConks three piece travel race / touring 100% carbon SUP paddle

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 10 cm

Combined carrying capacity / weight


Type of paddling


Type of paddle

Panda quick release belt

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

39 reviews for McConks Go Anywhere 10’6i inflatable all round paddle board | preorder for May 2024

  1. Steve H.

    I’m not overly experienced at paddle boarding yet but I have been bitten by the bug.
    Having hired a RED PADDLE board early in the summer I decided I had to have a board of my own. I bought a couple of cheap boards off an internet auction site and as the whole family were enjoying using them, when I came into a bit of money recently I decided to treat myself to a more quality board.
    Whilst doing research the name McConks kept popping up for build quality, design and performance.
    I decided to go for the Go Anywhere 10’6 and I’m delighted that I did.
    The actual board seems well made and the pump, bag and paddle are quality products.
    I’ve only owned the board a couple of weeks, have used it twice, it’s easy to pump up to 18psi with the pump supplied, I’ve not felt the need to go beyond that yet, it’s very stable on the water even in the windy and choppy autumn sea conditions I’ve used it in, it tracks well and I easily got some speed up.
    To be honest the board is far more capable than I am as a paddler. Fingers crossed my ability will improve to push the board nearer it’s boundaries.
    I have no hesitation in highly recommending this board and company.

  2. Nigel A.

    After much research I found McConks on line and between Andy and Bob of EightZeroEight Sup,(demo centre at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club in South Yorkshire), I chose the McConks 10’6 Go Anywhere. I wanted an all round iSUP for lake and calmer sea paddling. I had been windsurfing for many years and I liked the feel of the 10’6. Not the iSUP for the heavier novice (I’m around 76kg/12stones) so talk to Andy he will give you plenty of advice also take a demo if you can.

    I’m now out on my 10’6 twice a week and have taken it to the south coast (Swanage/Studland) on a weeks holiday, I’m pretty sure I have covered the costs of the iSUP in savings on hire charges alone!

    The service and enthusiasm from Andy and the team was great, delivery was quick and the iSUP quality looks second to none.

  3. Rick

    I have had my board over a year now, and it’s been pretty faultless.
    I found it forgiving in the sea, and though it took a few outings to get used to paddling in surf (my main interest), I found it very agile for its size on the waves and took it out in head-height surf in Spain without too much drama. ‘go anywhere’ is a good name for it!

  4. Neil C

    I’m fairly new to paddleboarding and the GoAnywhere 10’6” is my first board. I did a fair bit of research on-line, and was able to hire boards from Red and McConks a few times to try before I clicked ‘buy’. Everything pointed towards the quality of the McConks board being comfortably up there with the best, despite their prices being slightly below some of the other premium brands.

    In addition, McConks are fairly local to me and they’re a smaller family-run company, and I wanted to support them rather than a big multinational brand. McConks don’t go in for glossy expensive marketing full of skimpy bikinis and tropical beaches, they are just a nice bunch of enthusiasts whose knowledge, integrity and passion for the sport comes across in what they do.

    I’ve now had the the GoAnywhere a few weeks, and it has been faultless on the rivers and canals I’ve paddled. I’ve done a couple of longer (for me) 3-4 hour trips, and it’s remained comfortable and relaxed. It’s stable and tracks well, which I appreciate as a newbie, but it is nimble and turns well when I fancy a bit of a play. I’m working on my step-back turns – the shape of the board is perfect, but my skills are not!

    The various fixtures and fittings (handles, D-rings etc) are quality items and well specified for the board’s intended use. The fins included with the board are fairly generously sized, so I bought a set of river fins for the shallower rivers I sometimes venture down (the fact that it comes with quality US/FCS fin boxes and removable fins is a real plus point of this board, and for me elevate it above a couple of its rivals).

    All the accessories and safety gear that come with the board are robust and top quality too – absolutely no corners cut here either. The attention to detail is first class, and really gives you the sense that it’s been designed by someone who uses this stuff day in day out. The bag is brilliant (and big!) and makes the packing and transportation of the board and other kit so much less hassle. I bought the triple action pump, which makes inflation to the recommended pressure relatively quick and easy (though still a good cardio warm-up!).

    I’m very happy I went with McConks. This board is very robust and versatile and will last me a good long time. One day I’ll probably move to a more touring specific board, and will happily give McConks my repeat custom.

  5. Elizabeth Crewther

    I am a small 5 ft paddler and I wanted a board that was a little bit easier to manoeuvre for shorter paddles. I paddle on lakes, canals & the sea and this board is ideal. I have used it in very choppy, windy conditions and it has excelled. For the smaller paddler this is a great all round board for adventuring. The construction is sound and it looks good on the water!

  6. Hilary B.

    Lovely board, fast and more stable than I expected.

  7. Christopher

    Excellent board I’m having soo much fun improving my skills on this.

  8. Leon

    I am new to the sport and this is my first board so cannot give any long term detail. What I will say is the boards are so much better, the build quality is superior to other leading brands I was looking at. Most notable was how solid these are compared to others the same size, they flex significantly where the McConks doesn’t making it feel more stable. Couldn’t be happier with my choice and would definitely recommend to anyone,

  9. Mark b.

    kit all good .

  10. Alan C.

    So far the boards have worked well and the participants and instructors like them. One comment from one of the instructors was “are there any boards in different colours”. All our boards are blue. Whether that was because I ordered blue boards or if that was the only colour, I cannot recall.

  11. Tracey

    Great quality and value

  12. actionflack

    One of the best boards I’ve used. There’s a nice teardrop shape and great features. It’s clearly been well thought out in the design stages. The bag provided is one of the best I’ve seen – plenty of storge space and ventilation – which I think is often overlooked with sup packages.
    The boats inflates nicely, tracks well on the water and having the choice of different sized fins (optional extras) really opens up different areas of exploration. As all
    3 fins are removable it makes transporting several boards on a roof rack etc really easy as they all stack together.
    Highly (and regularly) recommended as an all rounder board…

  13. Nick Beecroft

    After many hours of searching and hiring various makes of boards we settled on two 10’6 McConks GoAnywhere boards. We even hired a McConks to test before we purchased. Firstly Andy and the service are second to none and the board, paddle and all the bits are outstanding. In the weeks since we took delivery we’ve been on the sea at Abersoch, flat and rough water, Bala lake and soon off to Barmouth. The whole expereince from the bags, pumping (keeping me fit) and riding the boards has been excellent. The kids are growing in confidence and teaching their old man techniques and style. Brilliant product and a company that deserves to do well. Only problem is my 4 year old wants his own board now!

  14. Leah

    Great board, practically indestructible and incredibly stable for new paddlers.

  15. Anonymous

  16. Tim Lawes

    Very versatile board – light and easy to manoeuvre – very high quality materials.

  17. Barry Edwards

    I purchased this board after trying both a Red and a Jobe. A couple of people then suggested McConks and after reading the reviews I decided to go for the 10ft 6 as my first board. So far I have used it on the sea in Cornwall and Weymouth, at times in some pretty strong winds and chop and it has been great, feels a bit tippy sometimes, however that is probably more down to my inexperience rather than the board as out of the wind in mild chop I have no problem at all staying upright. Build quality is excellent and it inflated to 18psi in 10-15 minutes with the upgrade pump. I have a 7 inch fin so maybe with a 9 inch it will be better in the sea ?. My wife also uses it, but prefers calmer sea and minimal wind. It appears to track really well in all conditions I have used it in and when kneeling I can really get some speed up. The bag it comes with is excellent quality and everything fits in, even the 2 piece paddle. Unpacking it to inflate is easier than packing it up after. It is a shame that you have to keep your thumb on the valve to deflate it (unless I am doing something wrong). I am now thinking of upgrading to the 12ft 6 for a quicker ride and maybe the kayak seat. Great board though

  18. Bobby

    Fantastic paddle board for river, loch and sea paddling. Really good advice and customer support afterwards. Will definitely get me next board from McConks, thinking a GoExplore 12’8 or 14.

  19. Toyah Tomkins

  20. jonathanmskinner

    We bought this on a recommend and have been very impressed. It has been inflated and deflated all summer for 3 years and shows no signs of wear. Big enough the take the kids with me but small enough to surf on when I’m by myself. Highly recommended for all round SUP fun

  21. Iain Russell

    Go Anywhere really covers it.
    This board has toured lakes, run rivers, surfed (albeit less successfully for me than my son but that’s not the boards fault).
    Over the summer heat wave the whole family just used it as a lake soda to cool us down of an evening.
    It’s bomb proof, hard wareing. It’s also the best board and the best value you can get in the SUP world.

  22. Conrad Butt

    One of the best boards on the market. I was lucky enough to borrow a quiver of Go Anywhere boards to give taster sessions to nurses from my local hospital. I was very impressed with both the 10’6 and 10’8 versions of this board. They are quick to inflate. Using the double action pump, I had 4 boards pumped to 18psi+ in less than 20 minutes. You could put more in it, but it really doesn’t need it, as I’m 18 stone (113kg) and 6’2 (188cm) and 18psi was more than enough to keep the board stiff and straight with me stood on it. The pads and rails are really well stuck down and don’t start coming loose as you get with some of the lesser quality boards, the deck pad is also super comfortable even on longer trips. Fin positioning is good with a US fin box allowing you to not only move the fin around depending on conditions, but change fins for different terrains. For personal use, I went for the carbon paddle which is super light and super stiff and highly recommend it.

    The boards are absolutely awesome, they are an ethical and sustainable brand, but what I like most about the McConks brand is the customer service. They are very passionate about everything they do and this comes across in their products but also, if you are really unlucky and have a problem, they will bend over backwards to help you sort it.

    You’d be hard pressed to find a better inflatable sup or company to buy it from

  23. sarahlleach

    After reading about the McConks brand and boards online I bought my first board from them 4 years ago. It was such a great board that when I was ready to buy a second I came straight back to them. Customer service is faultless and Andy was great with any advice I needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again, I recently purchased waist belts from McConks (my boards didn’t come with them a few years back and there were many cheaper alternatives online) but as I really trust the brand and support so it was obvious to come back.

  24. andrew kivell

    This is the second board we have bought – that’s how happy we are with the product! The bundles are excellent value and the quality of the parts and build top notch. We have used the bags for local adventures and also taken then to Greece in airlines for summer holidays – all held up well to wear and tear. The board tracks well and is versatile on flat water and a bit of small surf. The big winner has been the customer service – getting small spare parts was easy – and when we had one warrantee claim Andy and the team stood behind their product 100% – fast and full resolution. That for me says everything and justifies the purchase choice.

  25. Ann Smith

    I have had my go anywhere 10’6 inflatable SUP for 2 years now and it has proved itself exceptionally well in the waters of the Outer Hebrides where it has been bounced off rocks multiple times. There are minimal signs of it’s use despite it being bashed and dragged across the beach and loch shores by my kids. It feels incredibly stable in the water, so much so my very nervous 14 year daughter will happily spend hours on it. The accessories that come with the board are of a very good quality and the customer service has been great at McConks. I chose this SUP based on reviews I found online. I’m always nervous going by online reviews but on this occasion I was very glad I did. I would absolutely recommend McConks SUPs as they are fantastic pieces of equipment at a great price.

  26. Tessa Lama

    I did a tonne of research online before buying this SUP. I wanted a good quality board and being a heavier person needed one that would be rigid enough for me. The McConks Go Anywhere 10’6” seemed perfect and after using on inland flat water, rivers and the sea it has proved to be absolutely excellent. The build quality is outstanding and despite heavy use over the last 2 years it’s still as good as new.

  27. Sarah Walsh

    First timer at paddle boar2 years ago – decided to purchase my own , after excellent word and mouth recommendation- bought from Mcconks. Great customer service and I’m really pleased with all the items received- 10:6 SUP paddle anywhere board- with strap ,carbon paddle, three fins, bag and both electric and manual pumps . The sturdy board is fantastic quality with a later free addition of an waist belt . The bag can be carried as a back pack or wheeled and it’s is huge ,however light and well ventilated – plenty of room for storing all your equipment. I use both pumps depending on where I’m launching the board.I’m am really pleased with the board and the regular updates/ information sent from Mcconks.Have and will continue to recommend Mcconks SUP boards .

  28. Charlotte Keen

    After years of wanting a paddleboard I finally took the leap and chose McConks after reading some positive reviews and really wanting to spend my money supporting a small family-run UK-based business. I absolutely love my 10 6 Go Anywhere board. It’s hard-wearing, suitable on flat water and chopper stuff, easy to set up and loads of fun to use! The customer service is brilliant too – the user guide with appropriate safety advice is ace. I can highly recommend!

  29. Mark Fallon

    I cannot recommend this board (or Company to be fair) enough. This is my second Mcconks board (first was the Mk1 version which I upgraded) and honestly, it is just perfect! The fin systems are super simple to use (and tweak) and the board itself is super strong and sturdy, and yet super lightweight. The bag is quite spacious (for a board that packs down surprisingly small), but super high quality and I can’t complain at all, as it means I can actually use this bag to take my board (and all other items needed) on holiday and only have to pack/check in one bag!

    The attention to detail is something to note too… camera mount screw on the front (as let’s face it, you need to get the “looking up selfie” for Insta on those blue sky days don’t you), multiple useful gear loops and handles, useful bungie cord on the front and the little “step” on the back makes pivot turns…. Well easier!! Also comes with repair patch and valve removal tool and a quick release safety belt with cord (an absolute must on moving water). I guess I’m saying you can just really tell that corners haven’t been cut to save a quid or two, and a lot of thought and experience has gone into this.

    Customer service wise, not sure you will find a company that genuinely cares more. I have spoken to the team a few times now over the years and they are super knowledgable and simply just want you to be happy using their products (surpassed my expectations on two occasions now).

    I honestly couldn’t be happier with my board (or mcconks carbon paddle) and I will no doubt have another at some point as the kids grow up/ can convince the wife it’s not as hard/scary as she thinks ha! Thank you Mcconks for doing what you do!

  30. Katherine

    The short version of this review is that I have consistently been really happy both with board and the service McConks have provided, including their ethical and value based approach and their transparency around this.

    The longer version – the pump, board, paddle and bag are are all great (many of my friends with cheaper boards had bags that have just disintegrated or whose wheels just can’t go over rocky terrain making the boards much less usable). I also brought a heavy duty dry bag which has enjoyed adventures round the world but still looks like new (despite my abuse….)

    But more than the product quality, I have always had fantastic service from McConks that reflects their considered and humanity orientated approach (with a dash of humour). To give a couple of examples about the service –
    Initially there was a delay with the board arriving (not McConks’ fault but a challenge of deliveries during the heights of COVID) – the communication around this was fast, considerate and honest and they kindly upgraded my paddle as an apology for the delay (new paddle was so pretty I was tempted to hang it on the wall rather than take it out!). A second example is that when I lost a fin (my fault not a design flaw), they were super quick in replying and giving advice about which fin was needed as a replacement and kindly gave me free postage as a spontaneous bonus treat despite me asking to pay for it.

    Prior to purchasing I looked into the company and their environmental approach and was really pleased that this is something they articulate thinking about at a micro and macro level. They want you to have a board that lasts – so they design ones that do.

    In essence, this is a company I would support and indorse not just for the quality of the product but also, and if not more so, because of their ethics and approach – paddleboarding and the freedoms it gives are even more enjoyable when you are paddling on something that represents values you believe in – Thank you again.

  31. Paul H.

    Overall package top notch. This is my 2nd purchase ( already own a 10’8 ) and i can confirm carry case is robust and had stood up brilliantly to four years of lakes, beaches and being thrown in the back of the car! Paddle board takes about 30mins to inflate – invest in a rechargable inflator/deflator and have a cup of tea whilst you wait. Once inflated i have never had an issue, these boards are super stable and surprisingly sturdy, i was initially suspicious of an inflatable vs a solid board – but have no fear these SUPs are the best. Deflating <10mins, hose down and bag her up and youre ready for your next paddle. Pack comes with puncture repair kit. I would advise getting a good inflator and some spare fin screws – i lost two in rivers thanks to weeds – and you dont want to try paddling without a fin!

  32. Jon R.

    Love the board! Great design and a stable comfortable board thats still manoeuvrable and fun to play on ?

  33. Kathryn J.

    Absolutely love my new board. ❤️

  34. Deb C.

    Lovely board

  35. jackie Williams

    This is a tough board that just glides through the water, and like it says go anywhere; sea, river, canals

  36. Timothy Edwards

    a very well made paddle board. I should of brought a McConks board first instead of buying a poor quality one.

  37. Chris Goldfinch

    I’ve had a surfboard for years, and as a family we used to go surfing with the kids during the summer months. As the kids grew up and left home the poor surfboard sat there in the garage unused, and quite possibly feeling unloved. Years passed and it never got used. Skip to this summer (2022) and a chance visit to South Devon. We went to the beach and there in front of my eyes, were paddle boarders. All shapes and sizes but they had these boards that, unlike my hard surfboard, could be inflated and deflated at will and easily transported in a bag. Not only did it look easy to transport, but it also looked easy to do. It was then I had an epiphany, I want a paddleboard. It would certainly be easy to transport, and I could do it at the seaside, in local rivers and on local lakes. I was sold!! I went home and immediately sold my surfboard and went in search for a board.
    after a lot of searching, researching and head scratching, I found a board I liked and went and did a lesson/tour in Bath with a company that used them. Loved it!! This was the board I wanted however, the chap taking the lesson said get yourself a good fitting Buoyancy aid so I did, and after chatting to a chap at the shop, excitement got the better of me and I bought a board that wasn’t the one I had intended on buying. Whilst it felt ok, and looked pretty good, there was something about it that just wasn’t right for me.
    I started to wonder about it and started looking around again. As a member of a lake that has McConks boards as rentals, I had seen them but had never thought about them as an option.
    One day my son hired one and we went out together. It seemed a pretty sturdy board and had everything on it that the first board I’d seen had, wide, thick and plenty of storage space PLUS a GoPro mount!!!
    I started to research them and found them to be a local company with good environmental ethics and a great board package.
    After speaking to them for a bit, I couldn’t make up my mind on the 11’4 or the bigger 12’8. After speaking to Mr McConk himself, we decided as I was going on holiday very soon, to try the 12’8 and if I wasn’t happy I could swap it for the 11’4. Deal done.
    I ordered the board, it arrived very quickly and, surprisingly to me, it came with a paddle in a separate bag!!! Not what I’d expected at all. Unpacking it, everything was really good quality with attention to detail. Everything about it felt quality.
    I took it on holiday to Salcombe, with my sons, and we paddled up and down the estuary and I felt it easy to paddle and really stable and safe on it.
    Whilst this board was a little pricier than my original one, it is far superior to the 11’4 I bought and I feel you get what you pay for and I happy with it.
    I would also say, the other thing with McConks is the support I’ve had from them and the community they have. I feel like I have bought a fantastic product and have become part of a family. The information and articles shared within the community make it feel special and that I’m definitely part of a family.

    I love my McConks 12’8 Go Explore, wish I’d bought it first as it is my forever board.

    If you’re looking for a great board, great service and be part of something bigger buy a McConks. You won’t regret it.
    My only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

  38. Lea-ann

    Very stable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use

  39. Ami and Martin McGrath (verified owner)

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