Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next tropical paddleboard adventure getaway, for a long weekend away in your van, or simply a SUP day adventure, this page should give you all the supspiration you need!

We’ve broken this page down into Paddleboard backyards which are regions with multiple spots close together. These work well as inspiration for weekend or week away adventures. Some of these are UK, and some are international – choose your inspiration well

And the other type of spot is a bitesize paddle board travel guide – each article is a specific spot, and the article contains safety, accessibility and other important information.

If you want to add your favourite SUP spot, please drop us an email.

PLEASE NOTE::  The map below is still a work in progress.

If you’re looking for general information on what type of waterways you’re allowed to  paddle, and what licences you need, please check out this article

These are guides to areas or regions, where there are a number of different paddling locations to explore.  So if you’re heading to the area on a short adventure, be sure to check out what’s in your backyard!

Stand up paddle boarding and travel, even if not that far, go together like cheese ‘n’ pickle sandwiches. Whilst your local will be tried tested, and no doubt thoroughly enjoyed, new locations – offering differing vistas (particularly when viewed from atop a SUP) – can be just as fulfilling. In some cases your new favourite may be discovered by a sojourn elsewhere. And then there’s pushing your skill level with alternative destinations serving up more testing conditions, such as wave environments and so on.

With this in mind we’re slowly putting together a compendium of bitesize stand up paddle board locations and what they offer. This knowledge is all firsthand rather than regurgitated tourist board blurb. So take it from us that we know these put ins, and if we don’t, we’ll have someone deliver the info who does.