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Windsurfing, windSUP, wingsurf? Go Free with McConks!

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Windsurfing, windSUP and wingsurf season is now fully upon us. If you haven’t noticed it’s quite blowy of late. And with autumnal wind comes the need for additional toys in your toy box. If, that is, you want to maximise your time on the water. We appreciate a good many are just into paddling, which is fine. Some, however, also look for additional versatility with their stand up paddle board gear.

The McConks Go Free 9’8 is just such a piece of equipment. Introduced as a cross over windsurf/SUP/windSUP board it quickly became apparent the Go Free fit the wingsurfing model as well. You can of course paddle it in conventional SUP manner. But with its integral windsurfing sale attachment point, footstraps and applicable windy fin riders are poised to take on the breeze and make good use of it.

We know a few scenarios the Go Free has proved its worth. Kiddy windsurfing is a good fit for McConks Go Free. Being an air filled board means any falls won’t cause too much damage to little bodies and limbs. There’s no abrasive deck grip to scuff exposed flesh either. This makes clambering back aboard easier – for adults as well as kids in fact.

For any accomplished windsurfers out there McConks’ Go Free 9’8 is pretty rapid with a decent gust. It does a good job of planing as the hard rubber release edge towards the back delivers better efficiency through the water. If you’re thinking of learning to wing then the 9’8 Go Free will sort you right out as you get a feel for the ways of the wind.

McConks Go Free 9’8 overview vid.

All this talk of wind sports may have you feeling as though the Go Free doesn’t fit dabbles with paddles. Yet you’d be wrong. It’s a pretty good flat water, nimble machine. Playful and throw about anyone with a penchant for messing about and practicing essential SUP skills will have a whale of a time. Should a lump materialise (read wave) then the Go Free 9’8 can transform your SUP surfing session no end.

Windsurfing, windSUP, wingsurf? Go Free!
Flat water SUP freestyle with the McConks Go Free 9’8.

For anyone after a toy for autumn fun and frolics, with plenty of inbuilt versatility, the McConks Go Free 9’8 could fit the bill. If you have any questions about this or other McConsk SUP products then get in touch.

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