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Windsurfing UK mag tests the McConks Go Sail XS (1.5m) inflatable windsurfing sail.

Our friends at Windsurfing UK recently published their test report of the McConks Go Sail inflatable windsurfing sail XS (1.5m). As many will know we’re not 100% keen on magazine reviews but we trust Windsurfing UK and know them well to understand what they say is genuine.

The XS, as explained in the review, is perfect for little windy riders due to its lightweight (achieved with inflatable technology) and clever placement of handles ensuring correct technique is learned from the off. It doesn’t just stop with the XS, however, as we can supply a 2.2m (S), 3.2m (M) and 4.2m (L) to cover all sizes of rider. For anyone learning how to windsurf these are great ‘tools’ that’ll see rapid progression. They’re also just super fun in their own right and can be partnered with most windsurfing boards, such as the McConks Go Free 9’8 (which can also be used in wingsurf mode and paddled) or whatever else you choose. Check out the full product specs via the links below.

If you want to read the full Windsurfing UK magazine test of the McConks Go Sail inflatable windsurf sail XS (1.5m) the click the below –

And be sure to hit up the McConks guide to all things windsurfing/windSUP/wingsurf here –

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