SUP McConks wants you! To star in our next #freedomunlocked movie.

To say we were over the moon to be working with the legend that is (cult surfing movie) Blue Juice writer/director Carl Prechezer on our #freedomunlocked SUP video edit we put out last year is an understatement. It actually wasn’t technically on the radar to have such a thing happen. But with Carl’s involvement it was too good an opportunity to miss. If you haven’t seen the McConks#freedomunlocked edit and associated article then see below, before reading on to find out how you can become part of our next project with Carl.

#freedonlunlocked – a McConks Hollywood moment!

It’s all about you…

One of McConks’ BIG things is the brand reflects an inclusive and family sense of involvemnet. We appreciate not every McConks SUP customer is on first name terms with us but we’d like to think you’re buying into our ethos when buying McConks equipment. You should, if you follow McConks on social media, get the sense of exactly what we’re about by some of the posts and articles we share. In and amongst the (hopefully) useful, knowledge based SUP content you’ll discover what makes us tick from the ‘us in front of the lens’ pieces.

As much as possible we try and personify the McConks brand to give identity and create affinity by showing you what we do, which is then hopefully similar to what you do. We also like to share as much of your stories and shenanigans as possible (you may have seen the McConks SUP community awesomeness posts of late?). And it’s this that brings us to where you, Mr Prechezer and McConks all fit…

Mr McConks showing off the McConks Skatewheel one wheel electric skateboard. It doesn’t have to be jsut SUP!

Be the star of McConks’ SUP movie!

Taking the logical next step, and also aiming to promote stand up paddle boarding through the off season, we’re looking for you to submit your stand up paddle boarding and McConks watersports kit video footage so Carl can put together another tip top awesome video edit – only this time with you as the stars.

It doesn’t matter what type of stand up paddling you’re doing. Or wing foiling with the Go Fly wing, windsurfing with the Go Sail, Skatewheel trotting on the one wheel electric skateboard, wild swimming with your McConks bobble hat. The options are endless. If you’re a McConks gear user then film yourself, have yourself filmed and submit. The only thing we ask is that you’re happy for us to use this in our final video (you will be credited!).

responsible and safe stand up paddle boarding #2
Stand up paddle boarding with your kids – awesome for a SUP video!

This is the original post that Andy put out on the McConks SUP community Facebook group

Hello all you lovely people. Most SUP brands go to sleep over the winter. But we know that lots of you keep going over the winter. We want to showcase the fact that SUP is an all weather sport with a video featuring you all doing what you do best! So we’re looking for some autumn and winter GoPro/mobile phone footage that you might ready have, or footage you take over the autumn winter.

We’re going to be using the genius, celebrity and all round amazing surf dude that is Carl Prezecher to pull this together (amazingly, after us being useless when he shot our brand video, he still wants to be associated with us!)Because he’s a proper professional, you get credited for your footage within the video.If you want to get involved in spreading the SUP year round message, please get in touch.

So, over to you lot and your trusty action cam, GoPro, and mobile phones. Get videoing and get in touch once you’ve nailed down the good stuff. You can do so via the usual channels which you’ll find details of here.

Are you a coach or guide wanting the best gear?

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