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SUP + Adventure: a new digital magazine from McConks, coming soon.

Here at McConks we’re always keen to do different things and help you, the paddler, discover the McConks brand, hopefully learn something new and in the process get a better overall understanding of what stand up paddle boarding is and can be. We’re also aware that people digest things in different ways. There’s a lot of content on the McConks website which we know can be a deep dive to find. (We’ve been told as much). You may have seen we’ve been beavering away with some elements to make our articles, guides and posts them easier to sift through – such as the McConks bitesize travel guides where we’ve given these locations map functionality. And in continuing fashion, we now have something else new for you.

Digital publishing and SUP.

Digital publishing – as in getting a magazine created – is arguably easier than it’s ever been. This isn’t to take anything away from those professionals who do this as their regular job. We fully appreciate the skills and experience needed to produce top of the pile print magazines and so on. But for more rustic, homegrown style digital mags, there are plenty of tools available allowing us to create our own. So that’s what we’ve decided to do.

SUP + Adventure magazine from McConks.
SUP + Adventure magazine from McConks.

This will enable McConks to ‘broadcast’ all that SUP good stuff wider and further, put a new spin on existing articles and open up a different channel of communication. Plus, a digital publication gives further scope to signpost readers to additional awesome McConks and useful content (even if we do say so ourselves).

Say hello to SUP + Adventure magazine.

So say hello to SUP + Adventure magazine from McConks. The first issue of which focuses on the positives of winter paddling. As soon as we’ve put the finishing touches to it (which will be ASAP) we’ll get it out there for you to consume. And as always the door’s open for feedback. Also. if you want to contribute then get in touch. Most SUP related topics are good so don’t be shy.

Stay tuned for the first issue of SUP + Adventure magazine from McConks landing imminently. UPDATE: FOLLOW THIS LINK TO READ THE FIRST ISSUE.

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