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Outdoor adventure gear – 5 essential products to enhance your experience.

Outdoor adventure is everywhere. And as we’ve said in a previous post it doesn’t need to be expensive. Anyone can indulge in outdoor adventure. In many cases on a budget or shoestring. But there are a few cost-effective bits of outdoor adventure gear that’ll enhance your experience. Again though, without breaking the bank. We’re not suggesting you take out another mortgage for your outdoor fun.

Outdoor adventure gear - 5 essential products to enhance your experience. #
Thinking of getting off the beaten track? These 5 adventure equipment essentials will enhance the experience.

What is outdoor adventure?

Outdoor adventures can be absolutely anything that gets you up off the sofa, away from the screen and into nature. You can find outdoor adventures close to home, in your own backyard. Sometimes literally! Or head off for farther flung outdoor adventures.

Journey Xstream water filter bottle #2
Outdoor adventures are anything you want them to be.

You can enjoy micro adventures. Some of which we discuss here. Or get gone on longer adventures. Maybe overseas. The bottom line is outdoor adventure is whatever you want it to be and make it.

What’s outdoor adventure gear?

Outdoor adventure gear and equipment are products that enhance your experience. If you’re thinking hardcore adventures the kit you take with you is perhaps essential in a survival way. You wouldn’t go climbing a glacier without the correct gear for instance.

The outdoor gear we talk about at McConks, however, isn’t the same thing. (We’re also not suggesting you go and climb Mount Everest – unless you want to!). Our adventure adventure equipment is complimentary. It fits the family outdoor adventure idea more so than the hardcore. And yet, our suggestions can still make your experiences better. So in some ways, it’s no less important.

The Kelly Kettle.

Where would we be without our trusty Kelly Kettle? Easy to pack and carry with you on your adventures it’s an efficient way of boiling water for all manner of uses. Not least a brew up upon reaching your destination.

Being hollow in the middle, Kelly Kettles allow a fire to be lit in the base thereby bringing water to the boil in just minutes. In our book they’re essential outdoor adventure equipment for situations like wild swimming and paddle boarding. When you need a quick reheat there’s nothing like a warm drink!

The Xtream Straw water filter & hand pump.

If you’re going to stop off for a brew (who wouldn’t) then there’s no need to carry water with you. The Xstream Straw water filter and hand pump is a nifty outdoor adventure gadget that allows you to draw water from any source and filter it for oral consumption.

The Xstream system removes bacteria and viruses, including Giardia / Cryptosporidium and meets EPA micro purifier standards. This means 99.99% or all parasites are removed. Plus, the Xstream is tested and ‘end of life’ certified.

McConks stainless steel mug (with carabiner).

All this talk of drinks might make you thirsty. In which case, once you’ve gotten your water, boiled it up ready, you’ll be needing something to sup it from. Enter the McConks stainless steel mug – complete with a carabiner handle.

The mug’s carabiner handle means it can be clipped to your rucksack, thereby making it easily transportable. And its thin walled manufacturing gives superior thermal properties.

The single hammock.

Whilst you’ve got your brew on, via the awesome Kelly Kettle mentioned above, you’ll be needing somewhere to take the weight off. After all, when you need a breather there are far more comfortable ways of relaxing that sitting on a tree stump.

We’ve been fans of hammocks for ages. Family McConks takes our hammock on most outdoor adventures. Taking up next to zero space it can be strung between two fixed points in minutes. Then it’s a case of hopping on with your cuppa and chilling right out.

McConks sunglasses.

Even in the depths of winter there are bright days. And come summer, when that bright ball of fire in the sky appears more often then the need for a quality pair of sunglasses is tangible. We developed the McConks range of sunglasses to work both on and off the water. If paddle boarding glare from the water can damage eyes over time. But equally, we wanted McConks sunglasses to work well for land based outdoor adventures too.

Each model is able to float, should they be dropped in the drink, they’re polarised and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way. In line with all other McConks outdoor adventure equipment.

Summing up.

There are plenty more outdoor adventure ready products in the McConks online shop which you can find here. Outdoor adventure gear can be something as simple and affordable as a stainless steel mug (see above). Just as with adventures themselves don’t need to be over complicated or hardcore.

We’d love to hear about your adventures so why not get in touch and let us know. Equally, if you have any questions about any of our products message us.

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