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Outdoor adventure equipment essentials for 5 microadventures.

Outdoor adventure equipment comes in many different forms. Here at McConks we very much err toward the accessible end of the spectrum. As such we’re not talking about scaling glacial mountains and running huge volume white water rivers. McConks is a family company. And as a family, we prefer those microadventures. The ones which are often close to home and can be enjoyed with your kids. And maybe dogs if you have one! That said there are still outdoor adventure equipment products to enhance your experience.

In this article we’ll give a rundown of 5 microadventure suggestions to get involved with. Furthermore, we’ll be adding a few suggested outdoor adventure equipment products that’ll help you along the way.

Outdoor adventure riverside brew ups.

In the UK you’re never too far away from a stretch of water. Granted, not everyone lives by the coast. In which case rivers, canals and lakes/reservoirs serve the purpose. Grabbing your gear and crew is not too taxing for getting gone.

Whether tea, coffee, or herbal adults generally love a warm brew. Kids maybe not so much (unless it’s juice). But you can always pack something else. Enjoying a freshly made, warm drink outdoors is fulfilling. With a bit of leg work, you can jaunt along the river, canal or lakeside until a suitable spot’s found. Then pitch up, get the kettle on, string a hammock between two fixed points, and sip. Outdoor adventures have never been so chill!

What McConks outdoor adventure equipment you may need – 

Mellow countryside rambles somewhere new.

During the pandemic, a lot of people discovered that not too far away from their front door new rambling and walking routes could be discovered. With modern life often so hectic in the past this was often missed. But forced to find outdoor adventures close to home a whole new view of local areas was discovered.

Post-pandemic things are much quieter along all these routes. Yet the opportunity to venture a short distance from your home and discover a new pathway or walking route remains. Outdoor adventure doesn’t need to be full on. Accessibility is key. And when you do have your family in tow it’s more about the immersive experience of being in nature than pushing the envelope.

What McConks outdoor adventure equipment you may need –

Outdoor adventure wild swims off the beaten track.

Here at McConks we love a bit of wild swimming. In fact, we’d take it further than this as we indulge often. There’s nothing like a cold dip – whatever the time of year. And part of the fun is actually getting to our wild swimming spot.

Even within our own ‘backyard’ there are plenty of places to hide away. Just our little family unit. You’ll probably have somewhere close to hand as well. Alternatively, seek and ye shall find. Searching out those secluded wild swimming spots can be a microadventure in its own right. Just pay plenty of attention to what’s going on with the water. Don’t put yourself or others in danger.

What McConks outdoor adventure equipment you might need –

Paddle boarding microadventure.

As a paddle boarding brand we’d be daft not to include this on our list of microadventure suggestions. Have SUP will travel. But you don’t need to travel very far for outdoor adventure fun. Any of the above can be incorporated into a paddle boarding microadventure. The only difference is you’ll be afloat for some of the time.

Another option could be to make use of your McConks inflatable SUP’s portability. With iSUP backpack in place, you may fancy trekking on foot to an out of the water stretch of water. This can be a great outdoor adventure. And let’s be honest: a paddle board is just another form of outdoor adventure equipment anyway.

What McConks outdoor adventure equipment you may need –

Back garden microadventures.

Microadventures can be anything you want. You might not even have to leave the confines of your back garden (if you have one). Pitching a tent, slugging a hammock, and getting a fire going are all good fun. Kids will love it. Especially if you bust out the marshmallows for fireside toasting!

You may even decide to have a sleepover in the garden. Or perhaps enjoy that wild camping experience under the stars. But all whilst not leaving your home. Who knows. It could be the start of something more Bear Grylls-esque in time…

What McConks outdoor adventure equipment you may need –

Other suggestions.

The five microadventure suggestions above should get you off on the right. But for even more outdoor adventure ideas check out the following list. 

  • Head to your nearest hill – and climb it!
  • Cycle somewhere and camp for the night.
  • Head to an open space and cook your dinner on an open fire.
  • Walk along a beach and/or coast from one village/town to the next.
  • Get on a train to anywhere.
  • Go fossil hunting.
  • Have a go at geocaching.
  • There are loads more you can do!
Outdoor adventure equipment essentials for microadventures. 8
Foraging for wild garlic – another microadventure option (if you know what you’re doing).

Leave no trace. 

Whatever type of micro outdoor adventure you choose there’s one golden rule to abide by. Leave no trace. The outdoors is precious and we all need to ensure we keep it that way. For others to enjoy but also for the sake of local wildlife and such.

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