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Need a stand up paddle board? Course you do! McConks can help…

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It’s an understatement and rather a cliche to say that the times we current live in are unprecedented. But they are definitely bizarre! From the stand up paddle board industry’s point of view it’s also the same. In the last few weeks, since lockdown restrictions were eased ever so slightly, demand for SUP equipment has gone through the roof. We’ve mentioned it previously, but just in case you missed it, McConks has never been so busy. For the month of June so far, we’re 700% up on the same period last year. And despite the downturn in the weather, there’s no downturn in enquiries and sales.

For a whole number of reasons people want stand up paddle boards in their lives, often, more than one, but in particular inflatables are in high demand. The benefits of iSUP has been promoted extensively so we’ll not bang on about it. Good weather, of course, has played its part, but so has having to be at home (or at least in the local vicinity), with restrictions imposed for overseas travel. And not being able to hire from many place has played it’s part. Events have conspired to provoke thoughts along the lines of: ‘what can I do outdoors, perhaps on the water, that’s fun and will enhance my staycation?‘. The natural conclusion for many (who may have previously seen SUP but been putting it off or hiring in the short term) is to purchase a stand up paddle board. The reduced spend on overseas holidays may have freed up a little money to go down this route as well.

It tells you something when the mainstream, broadsheet press has picked up the current SUP boom as well:

So if you’re looking to get hold of your first stand up paddle board package, upgrade to something more progressive or add to your quiver fear not! McConks SUP has stock and we can help. If you’re unsure what you’re looking at, need some help choosing or simply have general queries about SUP, get in touch as we’re only happy help. In the meantime check out McConks’ SUP web shop for a complete listing of products.

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