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Why you need a McConks sup in your life – alternative uses for your stand up paddle board.

Paddleboards are just for serious paddling right?

If you think that. then you really haven’t been following the fun we’ve had on our board over the last few years. There is so much more you can do with a paddleboard. Which is all the evidence you need for a McConks stand up paddle board in your life!

We’re not going to bang on about how McConks SUPs are better than the rest. You either appreciate our quality, how we design and manufacture, our sustainable/eco-credentials, or you don’t. But as far as owning a craft to make use of sunny days at the beach, lake, river, canal or local puddle it’s a great tool to have at your disposal. Plus, there’re more things you can do with a McConks stand up paddle board than simply paddle. As you’ll discover below…

Using your paddleboard as a makeshift bar

If you have a couple of mates who fancy a well-earned pint post-paddle, and you have access to a SUP like the McConks Mega, then it might be suitable for a floating drink quaffing corner. With sunny weather on offer, this makes a delightful alternative to the tradition of supping (pun intended!) in a beer garden. What’s your poison? Lager? G&T? Mocktail?

SUP as a Diving platform

For those all deep sea types, then using your inflatable SUP as a diving platform is worth a look. It could be you anchor off and go for a snorkel or perhaps head down to the depths a little further…You might even be into freediving?

Adventurous types out there have been know to grab the spear fishing gun and hunt down their evening meal. That’s very ‘Polynesian’ but certainly doable from atop your SUP. Just be careful you don’t shoot the wrong thing if you fancy having a bash! (Like your board or foot…).

Paddle Board Picnic table

Even if you’re not up for a float it’s worth carting your iSUP to wherever you head for some R&R. With sunny weather in the mix a picnic can always be a nice thing to do. And your trusty stand up paddle board can always double as a picnic table.

Plenty of surface area to lay your eats and treats out whilst being wipe clean. Just make sure you remove the fins so as to keep the ‘table’ flat. Otherwise it might be a bit off kilter.

Hammock paddleboard replacement

An under inflated air filled board is soft and spongey – at least when compared to a hard shell SUP. Obviously inflating to its recommended PSI is how to eek out all of that McConks SUP performance, but ease off the gas a tad and what you get is a comfortable ‘thing’ to lie on – almost like an air bed and a little similar to a hammock.

Because our McConks paddleboards are so light compared to many of our competitors, you can even string up between two fixed points, via the deck’s strong D-rings or nose and tail handles

, to get that true hammock feeling. Just watch out for the getting on and off parts which may end up featured on Fail Army!

Boat tender

If you’re fortunate to own a boat – be that full size yacht or day boat – a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board is the more wallet-friendly, environmentally greener, solution for getting back and forth between shore and vessel.

Our touring boards with the capacity to carry up to 250kg of weight make the perfect tender for ferrying kit back and fore to the boat. They also make great platforms for carrying maintenance to the outside of your boat.

Sun lounger

As with the hammock solution above if you’re out and about, soaking up some rays, then be sure to take your iSUP with you. That way you’ll have a ready made sun lounger to get some recline time. You won’t need to take additional ‘stuff’ and you don’t need to hire anything, your McConks is perfectly suitable for this kind of thing.

Inflate fully for a more rigid platform to lie on or reduce the amount of PSI for a softer sit.

Yoga platform

SUP Yoga isn’t a new thing. In fact, here at McConks we’ve been supplying yoga instructors since 2017. If you practise wellness (including Yoga), and haven’t already tried out paddleboard yoga then now’s the time to get involved if you haven’t done so before.

Check out our 2023 adventures you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for a SUP yoga retreat!

Camping mat

Perhaps you’re heading off for a spot of touring SUP action with an overnight stay? Or maybe you’re going nowhere near the water, instead getting amongst it in the wilds and enjoying a spot of camping. In all instances, you’ll need a camping mat to even out that solid ground. Enter stage left your McConks inflatable SUP.

For those with adequately dimensioned tents you can erect and perch on top of your McConks stand up paddle board. Or alternatively, place your iSUP inside of your sleeping abode for a comfy night’s kip.

Check out our 2023 adventures you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for a SUP and camp wilderness adventure!

Kid’s play platform

We don’t know about you but we see young children loving playing aboard inflatable stand up paddle boards all the time – on land and in the water. The robust nature of a McConks iSUP makes it perfect for some bouncing action that kids love.

Afloat and it turns into a great jumping off obstacle that’ll provide endless hours of fun.

Fishing platform

SUP fishing has long been a thing but by and large has flown under the radar (unlike its sit on top kayaking brethren). Yet stand up paddle boards – particularly the wider, higher volume versions – are great as a platform where you can drop a line. It doesn’t need to be complicated either. If you want to load up with bait box, beer cooler (compulsory!), fish finder and a couple of rods ‘n’ reels then feel free. Alternatively, attach a line to the tail of your SUP, with a bit of bait attached, and see what’s enticed.

The crayfish on the barbie above is a Signal Crayfish from the River Thames. You need a licence to trap crayfish because although the above specimen is an evil invader (Signal Crayfish), it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart from the Native and protected white clawed crayfish. Find out more here

We will say if you don’t plan on eating your catch then chuck what you snag back in the drink to fight another day.

What are you alterantive used for your McConks SUP? Let us know.

For anyone thing of getting their own McConks stand up paddle boards, to make the most of the outdoors check out the McConks web shop or give us a shout with any questions. With a McConks inflatable stand up paddle board your outdoor life never looked so good!

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