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McConks knowledge hub article round up – what you may have missed (August 11, 2020).

The beady will have noticed there’s LOTS of content to be discovered when you navigate to the McConks SUP Knowledge Hub. From beginner tips, tricks and hacks to more advanced info, brand/product updates, a new travel section and loads of other good stuff. We appreciate, however, that sometimes you may miss things – it’s easy to do. As such you’ll find links below to a few choice articles that we’ve published.

As always if there’s something specific you want to see then let us know.

We took an in depth look at the McConks HP6 dual chamber and HP2 single chamber iSUP pump. As an addition we also got one of McConks’ friends – Chris – to demonstrate them in action.

You may not be aware of it but McConks does its best to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible with inflatable SUP products. An example of which can be found with the Go Race V 14′.

McConks recently got the go ahead to start actively pushing our Go Sail inflatable windsurfing sails. These will be widely available soon. If you fancy checking them out then hit the link below –

Electric hydrofoiling boards certainly prick interests and we’ve been lucky enough to get one to test. We’re currently putting it through its paces so stay tuned for an update ASAP.

Finally you’ll find a whole bunch of articles relating to UK SUP spots. We’ve started adding to this travel section which’ll be ongoing. If you have a specific location included then message us.

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