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Innovation, progression, performance in iSUP – a homegrown brand doing more than just standard 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle boards. Spotlight on Go Race V 14′.

First let us be absolutely clear: there’s nothing wrong with staple 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle boards. These will suit the majority of paddlers and stay with them for the long haul – especially if manufacturing quality is on point, as with ALL McConks products.

There’s a lot of snobbery around relating to cost and perceived ‘cheap’ iSUPs vs more costly ones. The fact is, however, with inflatable SUP you get what you pay for. If you shell out around 200 quid on a board that’s what you get: a 200 quid board. For sure, we’ll admit some are better than others, and a good many will serve your purposes well. In these instances you’ll have made a wise purchase. If you want something ‘more’, that will last longer plus deliver more on water performance equating to enhanced fun, then that’s where premium brands come in. McConks is one of those aforementioned premium brands.

We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best quality materials we can; the most efficient and cost effective manufacturers; we put an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears into being as innovative as possible. Some of this may get missed with all the ‘noise’ of SUP‘s colourful world. Yet if you look deeper at what McConks provides you’ll see this innovation, progression and performance. And this is ‘stuff’ that filters down through McConks’ whole product range to benefit every paddler. You may not realise it piloting your trusty 10’6 but through development of more performance orientated boards and paddles you’re reaping the rewards.

One such case in point is McConks’ Go Race V 14′. Whilst SUP racing may not be for everyone being able to design and produce something like this board allows us to experiment, try new ideas and see how far we can push inflatable stand up paddle board boundaries. In doing so we may hit on new ideas and concepts that transfer to the rest of McConks’ range.

With the Go Race V 14′ we’ve incorporated double carbon stringers to increase stiffness. Through the tail section there’s a hard release rubber edge (found on some of McConks’ other iSUPs also). This aids unsticking of the tail for increased acceleration and less drag. Upfront, on the Go Race‘s nose, there’s also pronounced Vee which helps shed water when piercing through chop but, again, as with the tail aids overall efficiency. Combined with its flatter rocker these three elements make for a lightning quick sled – not bad when you consider it’s an air filled board.

And then there’s the fin, or more specifically the fin box. We’ve created this to be removable and come in two parts. This makes for easier transportation and storage of the V 14′ when deflated but also helps with on water performance. Fin boxes, protruding from board tails, add drag so being able to have the Go Race‘s sitting flush against the hull reduces this. The board’s pressure (rated up to 25PSI) secures the top and bottom fin box parts to start with. Then a nifty design allows a Velcro strap to run between the two sections and secure them further. As a US Box style skeg holder paddlers are free to chop and change (tune) their fin accordingly making it not only efficient but super versatile.

All in McConks’ Go Race V 14′ race SUP is top drawer when it comes to innovation and performance. We may be a small family owned stand up paddle board company but that doesn’t mean we can’t be as ahead of the curve as the bigger boys.

If you’ve got any questions relating the McConks’ Go Race V 14′ inflatable stand up paddle race board then give us a holla.

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