Dewy starts, cool mornings and the fulfilment of sunrise SUPing.

We’ve talked about early doors paddling before but as Lockdown 3.0 restrictions ease, shutters open and the weather continues to improve there’s now more incentive than ever to get up and get out. Dragging yourself from the pit might not have been on the agenda a few years back (and for a good many neither was stand up paddling). But with these unusual times we find ourselves living in, and having just come off the back of an enforced winter of confinement, the want and need to break free and unlock your freedom is now more important than ever.

With it still being early spring there’s a good chance that mornings will be on the cool side. At time of writing the thermometer’s reading single digits – although forecasts suggests this’ll rise considerably through the day. With dew on the ground, a windless vista and a quiet put in you’re primed, however, to kick off the day in the best way. Just make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for SUP (layers being a good shout).

As the days elongate further, with paddling starts being possible pre-6am, and accompanying warmth levels improving, sunrise SUPing is one way to beat the crowds. It’s also a way to dodge the sea breeze phenomenon if you’re coastal bound. (For anyone not sure what a sea breeze check out this link).

Suffice to say paddling at sunrise can be some of the best SUPing you can find. Do things in the right way, stay safe and enjoy… We’ll see you out there!

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