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#freedomunlocked – SUP now needed more than ever!

Pics: David Hughes/Brighton Images

In actual fact it isn’t just stand up paddle boarding freedom we’re all craving currently it’s freedom in general. Some may still be able to get out and paddle but many can’t (or won’t). Ours is not to judge either, everyone’s free to make their own choices. We appreciate those choices are somewhat limited – at least when it comes to getting out and about.

As a species living in a ‘free’ society the ability to travel (and by travel we mean simply going for a walk to wherever) is one of those perks that isn’t really considered until it’s taken away. That’s one reason why those who commit crimes have their freedom taken away.

#freedomunlocked to SUP

Freedom is often taken for granted but it means so much. During easier times heading off for a SUP sojourn atop new stretches of water are what make standing and paddling appealing. Without this unlimited access, cabin fever can set in and pent up frustrations emerge.

But it won’t last. Even though being couped up feels like it’s the only life we have in this moment there’ll be a time when freedom unlocks once more and we’re able to cast our nomadic nets wider.

Spring 2021, for instance, is in most people’s minds. The weather should have improved, with air temperatures on the up, and water mercury levels also starting to follow suit. All being well risky social interactions will ebb (slowly) and stand up paddle boarding will serve your unlocked freedom well.

What’s not to like? The reason SUP grew considerably in 2020 is because it’s accessible and puts paddlers right in the middle of our environment, nature and the outdoors. Having been confined for weeks the ability to ‘breathe’ again was tangible. SUP as your freedom unlocked vehicle makes complete sense as it allows us all to experience space in our own time.

Freedom unlocked will come again. Stay strong and we’ll re-emerge more committed than ever. And if you’re wondering what freedom unlocked means to McConks then just watch the vid below.

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