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Sunrise SUPin’ – autumn/winter style…

Dragging the kids out of bed at dawn’s crack, to get on the SUP train for sunrise is made all the more worth it when you get a new day start like the one Team Fam McConks recently experienced. There’re no two ways about it: the weather’s closing in, days are getting shorter and the chilly air’s enough to make ya fingers tingle. But it can be an awesome time for some paddling fun if you can muster the enthusiasm and motivation.

Bad weather may be a common trait during the off season but calmer days, with amazing light and vistas, do also make an appearance. As such setting the alarm and making a beeline for the drink when the sky’s clear and the sun’s shining is so worth it. It’s good for the soul and headspace. Which goes for your offspring as well. In times where too much reliance is placed on screen time and sedentary living winter sunrise SUP sessions totally buck that trend and should therefore be grasped with both hands.

Get some sunrise (or sunset) SUPin’ yourself this winter. You’ll be glad you did!

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