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What’s going on ‘ere then? Drums and stand up paddle boarding?

Here’s an interesting one we spotted over the weekend. Can anyone tell us what’s going on and why these pics of the McConks Go Free 9’8 crossover SUP and KAT Percussion’s KT-200 electronic drum kit have been snapped? No, us either…

What we do know is that our friends at SUP Mag UK do like to get creative with their articles and do something different. We shall wait and see what manifests as all will no doubt become clear in time. For the meanwhile we have to say the gear looks good in the sun.

You can check out more about McConks’ 9’8 Go Free crossover SUP/windSUP/wing SUP board here. Then if you’re wanting to know more about the breezy end of stand up paddle boarding have a peruse of the McConks Ultimate Guide to Windsurfing, WindSUP, Wing Surfing and Wing Foiling. If you’ve still got any questions about any of the mentioned equipment or disciplines then please free to get in touch.

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