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The French connection – paddle board road tripping summer hols.

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Travelling abroad with watersports kit is so much easier with inflatable gear. When you’re a multi discipline rider (or family of multi discipline riders) being able to pack down all your gear easily and make room for other essentials is, er, essential. Recently one family did a road trip through north and western France with a McConks Go Free 9’8 inflatable cross over SUP/windsurf board and inflatable windsurf sail.

Covering the bases.

The McConks Go Free covers all bases if you’re after paddling, windsurf and wing. It’s a nimble performer with a paddle in hand, a fun tutor in the ways of winging and great for kiddy windsurfing when attaching a Go Sail inflatable sail. We’ve also seen the Go Free being put to good use in wave environments and ala SUP surfing and white water river running.

If you’re looking to cover a number of watersports bases the Go Free is a great choice of board.

Easy travelling.

The attraction with inflatable products is being able to pack them away and store them easily when you have limited space. With travel those elements are even more the case. Packing down into a nifty package the McConks Go Sail is a no brainer in terms of taking it on hols. It’s barely the size of rucksack and therefore stows away easily.

It’s the Go Free as well. An already compact shape ridding the iSUP of air means it can be flattened off and placed either at the bottom of a car’s boot or wherever you deem fit. When needed it’s simply a case of retrieving, inflating and going.

At the spot.

France is a great country to explore as a watersports aficionado. There are many rivers to paddle, lakes to investigate and coastal locations to check out. As a coastal family first and foremost being able to investigate inland waterways is a refreshing change. Even better when you can make use of these stretches by getting afloat.

The accompanying pics clearly show that a lake located a stone’s throw from an inland city is still ripe for a bit of kiddy windsurfing and paddling. This might be a lake but there’s plenty of accessibility with the McConks Go Free and Go Sail lending 100% versatility to proceedings. And as we all know, when the weather’s hot there’s no better place to be than on (or in) the water.

Air travel.

It doesn’t just stop at travelling via car when heading abroad. Inflatable watersports products are right on the money for flying to your chosen destination. The same ease of transport properties that make inflatable gear applicable to road trips is there for air travel.

Packing down easily you can even use your inflatable board bag for additional luggage. And the beauty of having your own kit with you means more reason to discover a variety of spot and not have to hire equipment once on the ground.

If you haven’t seen the McConks Go Free crossover board and Go Sail inflatable sail ranges hit up the links below to find out more.

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