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SUP safety: spring water chills (be prepared!).

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Pic: David Hughes/Brighton Images

With all eyes on spring 2021, for the majority getting back on the water, it should be noted that our inland and coastal waterways will be at their coldest during this period – something that can be missed.

If you started stand up paddling in 2020, during summer when mercury levels were up, then you may get a shock should an unceremonious dunking be dished out come your first SUP sesh of early spring.

After a cold winter those steadily rising thermometer readings of spring will feel sublime. If Mother Nature’s in a particularly good mood then we may even get served some really warm conditions. Enticing paddlers back onto the brine after a period of off season hibernation is all well and good. Just be aware that no matter how pleasant the general above water weather, immersed in the drink will be another story and you’ll need to be appropriately dressed.

Layering your SUP wear will be a good idea as you can remove garments if you start to overheat or pop them back on if it gets chilly. Be under no illusion that cold water shock is a risk when plunging suddenly between warm and cold. You can read more about cold water SUP wear in this article –

As spring gives way to summer the warming of our seas, rivers and lakes will occur rapidly. During the interim, or shoulder season period, however, any stand up paddler needs to be prepared. Get ready to unlock your SUP freedom by having the necessary ‘tools’ in your stand up paddle board kit box. Now’s the time to pool your SUP gear together so you’re ready for summer of SUP 2021.

If you want advice in terms of what you should be wearing for SUP then get in touch with us here at McConks.

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