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Are you ready for SUP adventure?

Ready to head our for a long day or overnight trip and want to use sustainable, minimal kit for eating and drinking?  Kelly Kettle have been the world leader in wood burning kettles and fires for decades. If you want the four S’s – sustainability, simplicity, speed and stowability, this is the only answer!



1 x Kelly Kettle.   Woodburning kettle and firebase made out of stainless steel.  These ingenious kettles boil enough water for two mugs of hot drink in minutes, using just wood, twigs, leaves found around you. The design of the kettle draws flame and heat up through the kettle meaning two things  1 – it’s easy to keep the fire going and 2 – it’s very quick and fuel efficient to boil.

2 x kettle stands.  Two stands?  For only one kettle?  Yes. Because the stand is not only a stand to prevent scorching under the kettle, but also a pot stand for the top of the kettle.  You can cook on the top of the kettle whilst the kettle is boiling!  But, it’s likely that the kettle will boil before you’ve finished cooking whatever is in the pot. So then you’ll need the…

1 x Trekker Hobo Stove. A little metal stove that sits on top of the firebase to keep you pot cooking after the kettle has boiled

There are three different sizes for different needs:

Trekker – 0.6l              Good for two medium sized cups of hot drink

Scout – 1.2l                    Good for four medium sized or two large cups

Base camp – 1.6l         Does what it says on the tin. Good for a group at base camp

You can also buy a cookset – comprised of an aluminium pot, stainless steel half grill and alu pot holder that fit the potstand/hobo stove.

To reduce space requirements, the trekker stove fits inside the firebase, which fits inside the base of the kettle.  And the stand and pot stand fold down entirely flat.

All components are made from stainless steel. Don’t accept imitations made from aluminium that warp in the intense heat generated inside the boiler.

If you don’t want to carry your water with you, why not try out the SAGAN water filter / pump.  Perfectly clean water from river or lake water.


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Trekker 0.6l, Scout 1.2l, Basecamp 1.6l

Add a cookset for £12.00

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