9″ river race / touring SUP fin
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A fin designed for river sections with a river depth typically >1m.

A very stable, very fast fin, but with a good pivot point.

Laid back profile for keeping free of weeds and debris.

A semi flexible – strong enough to maintain its shape during most conditions, but enough flex to prevent damage to fin, box or board if you strike rocks.

Fits all fin boxes marked Air7, and all full length universal SUP fin boxes.  To see if your fin box is compatible, measure the inside length of your box, and the box length of the fin.  If the box length of the fin is less than your box internal length, it will fit.

Very similar to FCS US Box touring fin which retails at £45.

Additional information

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 30 × 0.8 × 30 cm
Fin material

, ,

Fin box type

Fin type



Black rigid, Black semi rigid, Sea blue gummi

3 reviews for 9″ river race / touring SUP fin

  1. christopher conley (verified owner)

    Great addition to the 11’4” board. Makes it very ‘sporty’ and seems to turn more easily on those step back turns.

  2. Malcolm Shute (verified owner)

    I bought this to use with my 12’ 8 mcconk. This has changed my paddle board experience as now going straighter for longer.

  3. Matthew Jackson (verified owner)

    Better straight line paddling than supplied fin but too flexible for real speed generation upwind or downwinding.
    Brass locating pin also was off-centre in the moulding,
    but I was able to re-centre. Better to go with a rigid fin.

    • andy mcconkey

      We can replace for the fully rigid black version if the flex version isn’t to your liking? Just send us the blue flex fin back and we’ll replace with the fully rigid black fin

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