4.6″ Flexi Gummi River Fin
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    Looking for a smaller centre fin to help you run those shallower rivers?   Look no further.  This US box fin fits all premium quality boards (both inflatable and rigid) that use standard US centre box fittings (eg McConks, Red Paddle, Starboard, Naish, SIC, Fanatic).

    Comes with both standard thumbscrew and square bolt attachment, and click/quick fit rubber plug.

    Available in grey, grey or grey!

    Fits all bona fide full length US fin boxes and AIR7 boxes.


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    Dimensions 22 × 14 × 1 cm
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    8 reviews for 4.6″ Flexi Gummi River Fin

    1. graham.stockdale (verified owner)

      Brilliant product, speedy delivery and exceptional customer service from Andy. Would definitely buy from them again, and would certainly recommend McConks.

    2. Anu Aladin (verified owner)

      As my team were getting ready for the TRENT100 SUP Endurance Challenge, we realised we did not have correct fins for paddling in shallow parts of the river. I asked for help on one of the Facebook SUP forums and these 4.6″ river fins were recommended. I ordered them through the website and they were delivered two days later. Absolutely amazing customer service. And the fins? Worked magic and we look forward to using them on the canal, too, as weeds do not get tangled up in them. Great value for money!

    3. Amy Offland (verified owner)

      Bought for Trent100 and its performance was amazing. Skimmed over masses of weed in fast waters without tipping me in and kept me from having to carry the board through shallow waters. Paired with my Red Paddle 11’3 Sport there was a bit of fishtailing going on but nothing unbearable so I kept the fin on even as the course got deeper and clearer. Unfortunately for me the Marshal’s stored my board on its fin in between the two day event bending the gummi fin, the good news is a bit of hot water and gentle persuasion I could re-straighten the fin with ease.

    4. Andrew (verified owner)

      Quick delivery. Nice and flexible. Good compromise on shape between depth and flexibility.

    5. Michael

      This is now my favourite fin to keep in the bag, I go down lots of shallow rivers and had been grounding with my other fins. I have a bit more fish tailing at the back but that is to be expected with such a short fin. I have hit rock with this fin and it was survived very well! Highly recommended for the river supper!

    6. Steve Royle (verified owner)

      Tracks nicely, doesn’t catch weed, flexy and whoop whoop…the bolts at the back

    7. Adam (verified owner)

      Lovely little fin, perfect for those shallow river journeys. The material it’s made from adds a little flexibility and reassurance if you do need it.

    8. Martin Dymond (verified owner)

      Perfect fin for the river, hopefully get to use it as soonas my back gets better ?. Great service from these guys ??

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