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Multiple ways to have fun – recent McConks watersports vids.

If you follow McConks’ social media feeds then you may have seen some (or all) of these vids shared individually. We’re always banging on about how McConks is more than just a run of the mill iSUP company. Whilst stand up paddle boarding is our bread and butter we’re all for broadening horizons and getting out there amongst it on whatever (and however) we see fit. We highly recommend this approach to all!

Family McConks comes from a long history of watersports, having been involved in various activities over the years. It just so happens we started a SUP company a little while ago and that’s what we’re known for. This said McConks now has an extended range of all manner of watersports toys to keep mum, dad and kids entertained. Some of which you might have missed unless you’re actively looking for this type of gear. Electric hydrofoil boards, wing foiling wings, windSUP boards, electric skateboards and a whole host of other good stuff – all available to view in the MCConks webshop.

One thing we try and do is cobble together fun videos of these toys in use – after all, that’s the best way to showcase what are highly visual products. If you missed any of McConks’ recent vids then we’ve them gathered together here so you can see what we’ve been up to. This may also alert you to some of our other products. Check them out below.

eFoiling – electric hydrofoil surfboard flying.

Product link:

Skatewheel one wheel electric skateboard zooming.

Product link:

Bungee SUP.

Product link:

Kiddy windsurfing.

Product link:

Wing foiling/wing surfing.

Product link:

If you have any questions about these or any other McConks equipment then give us a shout.

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