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McConks SUP user guide #8: how to paddle kneeling.

Paddling your McConks stand up paddle board in kneeling position is a fundamental skill that all beginner SUPers will need to have under their belts. Even as you advance and improve, paddling whilst on your knees will still be needed at times. A sudden strong headwind, for instance, may require knee paddling as water states are whipped up making your SUP unstable. In some situations, it may be the only efficient way of getting back home to your original launch spot, so the skill is important for SUP safety as well.

Having dragged yourself onto your stand up paddle board, you need to position your knees either side of the centreline (an imaginary line running down the board’s middle that symmetrically splits the SUP in half). You shouldn’t be too far forwards, with your iSUP’s nose starting to catch under the water.

McConks SUP fam showing how it’s done.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be too far back, wheelieing the board with its nose in the air. Subtle shuffles side to side/nose to tail will help you determine where the sweet spot is. Out of interest, this sweet spot won’t be any different when you’re standing and paddling.

Chris JOnes kneeling whilst chilling out from his paddle
Just chilling, on the knees, in between paddles – Chirs Jones.

If you’re unsure of how to kneel paddle your SUP then we’re happy to help.

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